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Old hose in Vigan.

I want to go all the way up to Vigan this morning. But I don't know where the buses up there leave from - and in accordance with my usual planning I did not really try to investigate too much into this matter last night. Hence I ask down at the reception - they got no clue - they know all about how to get to Puerto Galera though.


I try the internet to find which bus stations to go to. And my conclusion is the bus situation in Manila is impossible to comprehend and there is no way you can find a suitable site with timetables and bus routes. Hence I find one bus company which seems to have a route to Vigan and I try to go to the bus station because it is the one closest to Malate.

Sygain mansion - Vigan
I get there and they don't really have a bus going to Vigan - but they got one to Bagiou - sort of on the way and I go in the bus to wait for it to leave. But the bus is not really ready to leave and I go out and try to find another bus leaving to Vigan. There is a bus station on the other side of town in Cubao which sort of go to Vigan - I just need to find a taxi to take me there. The idiot taxi driver waiting just outside will not take me for less than 450 pesos - have I ever said I hate Manila cab drivers.


Hence I have to try to find somebody to flag down at the street - and for some strange reason no empty taxi arrives for ages - can you believe it? It seems to be breaking some sort of natural law - busy street in Manila without a taxi.


Finally one arrives and he takes me to Cubao for a much more reasonable metered price. And just as I get to the bus station the bus to Vigan is ready to leave - and I can just make it. I get in and this is stylise - only 29 seat on a bus.

Huge seat with only 3 across and even I got plenty of leg room. What luxury to be travelling like this for the next ten hours.


The bus drives along - and the roads on this island is a lot better than they are down at Mindoro or Palawan. Hence we manage to go the long ride without any punctures or any other mishap - it is a strange new feeling - to be travelling in the Philippines without the crew changing tires on the way. But I finally get to Vigan.


Before leaving from Denmark I kind of skimmed several blogs about the Philippines - and I thought I would have plenty of time to read them before I left. I know it was a very naive assumption. Of course I never managed to read any of the blogs I wanted to read more thoroughly. But I did remember one blog mention something about Vila Angela - the only problem is I can not remember if the blog said it was a great place to go - or it was a terrible place to go.

Horses waiting for costumers
It could very well make a bit of a difference in my choice of place to stay. But hey I take my chances and go for Villa Angela.


At the bus station a tricycle driver is very eager to get me on his bike. Actually he is way too eager to get me on and I got a feeling he will charge me a stupid amount when we arrive - but I don't ask for the price. I tell him to go to Villa Angela and we do - it is a short ride probably less than five minutes - hence I pay what I used to pay down in Puerto Princesca for a short ride on a tricycle - seven peso. And he is not happy - he wants 25 peso. But no - I am to tired and spent to long in the country by now to let myself be overcharged like this and I leave it with 7 pesos - if he had said ten it would have been a different matter and I would have paid that but 25 is clearly too much.


I get in to the place and get a room and this place got class - big rooms and a huge dinning hall and big living room. It is an old villa which is owned by somebody big in the Philippines but they don't live in Vigan anymore hence they use the house to rent out.

The lone cobblestone street of Vigan


After I get into the room I go for dinner. I go to Grandpas for dinner another place I read about in the same blog - but this time I am pretty sure this place were recommended for dinner. I get there and get the menu - and there is something on the menu - sizzling sissig. Hmm I wonder what this can be. I better ask the waiter - and the waiter reply it is port. Ok I sort of had figured this out myself given it was in the pork section of the menu. Hence I ask what kind of pork? And the answer. "Well it is pork". This answer really do not leave me more informed than I was before - but I thing - hey it is pork it is on the menu - it got to be eatable. So I go for it.


I wait for my food - the concept of fast food has not really gotten to the restaurant scene in the Philippines. And my food arrives - it is not really a big piece of pork - it is tiny tiny pieces of something which I can not really recognize. But hey I am hungry and it looks like some sort of food - so I go for it. And it taste ok. Today I am still not sure what exactly sissig but it is some sort of intestine.

tj1777 says:
maybe I should not think too much about what is actually in the stuff.
Posted on: Aug 29, 2008
metroguy says:
Gee... I never thought that Danish have some bargaining power over this tricycle driver regarding price,well done my friend.Tell them whose in charged :-)
Posted on: Aug 28, 2008
ellekape says:
intestine? haha no way
that's the head part of the pork you ate ;)(cheek, nose and ear & sometimes including the brain)
yummy? right?
Posted on: Aug 27, 2008
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Old hose in Vigan.
Old hose in Vigan.
Sygain mansion - Vigan
Sygain mansion - Vigan
Horses waiting for costumers
Horses waiting for costumers
The lone cobblestone street of Vig…
The lone cobblestone street of Vi…
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