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We all get out of the ferry trying to find a bus at the ferry terminal - and this place is a bit of a hassle. Other places at bus stations around the Philippines people have generally been very friendly and quite willing to help you to get on the right bus without trying to make money out of you. Here at Batangas it is very different. The people around aims at making a quick buck on the foreigners if they can - hence we soon realize we can not expect to get reliable information from most people around the terminal area and we have to try to find a bus going towards Manila on our own. It do turn out to fairly straightforward in the end and we get on a bus - ok it is not really going exactly to the part of town we want - or actually we don't know where in Manila it is going given none of us have ever heard about the place it terminates the ride - but it is in the right general area.


We get of the bus somewhere in Manila - probably Pasay. And then I say nice goodbye to Jordan how is meeting a friend somewhere in Manila - not that he know where or how to contact her given his phone is dead - but hey how difficult can it be to locate somebody in Manila? Well I try to find a taxi to take me to Friendly just a bit down the road - and they are so annoying the cabdrivers debating whether or not to run on the meter - I hate, hate, hate the Manila taxi drivers. Did I mention I hate the taxi drivers in Manila? Well I flag someone down to take me down the road.


I get to the place which is in the middle of the Malate area - nightlife centre of Manila. But I am not really looking for nightlife tonight being a bit tired from the days travel and not sleeping too much the day before on the boat and in the heat of the night on the island. But hey it is a place to sleep for the night and cheap for Manila for sure. I don't intent to go out except to get a few supplies for the next day's journey.


Hence I just walk down the street at night to go look for some kind of shop which may be 24 hours. Walking down along Adriatico I get invited in to every bar along the road by a bunch of people hanging around outside it and given flyers to go here and there - plus meeting a couple of girls offering massages - one of them is kind enough to clarify what kind of massage she is referring to just in case I actually thought she meant a foot massage. Maybe it is just because I am tiered tonight but somehow I don't see the big attraction of this nightlife district. Hence I finally find a 24 hour supermarket buy my stuff and head back basically to go to bed.

tj1777 says:
only four? did I ever tell you I really hate the Manila taxi drivers?
Posted on: Aug 27, 2008
ellekape says:
hate = 4x said
Posted on: Aug 27, 2008
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