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The sea outside Planet Dive

It is time to leave Manila as early as possible to go to do something more interesting in a friendlier environment than the traffic jams you will continuously experience in this city. Hence I head for the bus to Batangas - it is pretty easy to get a bus to Batangas they seem to leave very frequently - which is not so surprising given it is the major port to go to the tourist spot down around Puerto Galera.


When I get off I am down at the harbor and this is one of the most annoying places I have been in the Philippines. I just want to find a jeepney going to Anilao.

But everybody around is either a private jeepney driver or a tricycle driver. The jeepney drivers have no interest in telling me how to get to the public jeepney - they all want me to rent a jeepney for myself - yeah right like I am made of money or something. The tricycle drivers are no more helpful they want to take me to the public jeepney stop for ten times the usual rate - hence I am walking. Unfortunately I don’t know where I am walking to but I hope for the best.


After a while I do find a local jeepney to take me to the Anilao. And after a couple of hours I am there. Then next it is off to the resort which according to Lonely Planet is a bit down the road - unfortunately it does not say how far down the road - but how bad can it be. The tricycle want 400 peso - hence I start walking. And I keep walking - and walking - and walking. There is a lot of police and army like police running down the road. Apparently the president have been visiting the area staying in a resort owned by the minister of Finance to go on one of her diving trips for the weekend.

It is amazing to see the kind of security just for the president to be able to go diving.


After a while I do meet someone telling me there is at least 20 minutes in a tricycle for the resort I am heading for - ups. I wait and try to find a jeepney plying the road form here - and it takes forever to get a ride to Planet Dive.


I get a place to stay in one of their huts - which is including all meals. And then I try to discuss my big diving plans. Now I realize I got a problem. I went here on a Sunday because I wanted to be here in the quite part of the week. But what I did not realize was that this place is dead outside the weekend.

The only people going to Anilao is local tourist from Manila going diving in the weekend or Taiwanese going to the Philippines for a weekend trip and back to work on the Monday or Tuesday. Hence nobody will be diving tomorrow except me. This is making the boat rental unreasonable expensive. I wonder if I should have taken the longer tour to go to Sabang with all the European tourist - but at least there would be diving all week. Well it is too late now - I need to stay here and figure out what to do tomorrow. At least I can go snorkeling.


And just off the beach at the resort there is some great snorkeling. There is a nice little coral reef just a few meters out in the water. And I go snorkeling down the coast - and just to check the options I swim ashore at one of the neighbor resorts and ask if they got divers going the next day. No luck here either it seems to be a problem. Well back in the water and see a few more fish and corals before heading up on land again.


After the snorkeling I go to the road and walk down and ask one of the other resorts to see if they got divers - but no - no one seems to have any guest what so ever.

Biglush_23 says:
You have a great adventurer's spirit ^^w i'd wander around with ya any day hahahaha!!!

You should submit your sunsets to the Sunsets and Sunrises of the World club ^^...im sure they'd love to see em.
Posted on: Sep 25, 2008
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The sea outside Planet Dive
The sea outside Planet Dive
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