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Today will be a day of diving hence you need a bit of breakfast before we are heading to the boat at the dives. And the breakfast around here is just as solid as the dinner big servings with whatever you like - as long as it is rice or toast. After the hardy breakfast we are ready to go for the dive boat and out for the day’s adventure in diving like the locals from Manila. It is only a short sail before we will get to the first dive site on the other side of the water close to the coast.


The first dive is pretty good and it is always an advantage if you only dive a few persons hence you don’t have to pay much attention to the rest of the group and you can just swim leisurely around the area of the dive without pacing. My dive buddy Dave is pretty advanced which is great because none of us is really heave breathers so we get a nice long dive out of it. The diving here at Anilao is great but after Apo Reef it is very hard for anything to measure up to the best diving in the Philippines.


After a short break we go for the second dive of the day - the cathedral dive spot. Where someone have dropped a cross down to the bottom of the ocean in the memory of someone who I forgotten all about who was. Our dive master bring down some bread for this dive to feed the fish. It is a tradition to bring down bread at this dive spot - but personally I am not sure I really approve of the practice it is somewhat unnatural to go and feed the fish with bread brought down under water from our world to the fish world of the sea.


Despite my reservations I must admit the bread do have a huge effect. The dive master is during the dive followed by a huge scold of fish from the moment he gets under water. When he starts to actually feed the fish we loose sight of him because of the massive amount of fish which flocks around him. But after a short while the fish have eaten all of the bread and he reappears a couple of meters from the two of us.


This was the last boat dive of the day but there is the possibility to go for a dive just of the shore where we stay. And the snorkeling here was great yesterday so the diving should be really great as well. We hit the water after a hearty lunch and try to swim downstream to a rock formation. But the current is really strong today and we have to fight it all the way to the rock. Semi exshorsted we get there and turn back to swim with the current - a lot more relaxed way of diving. But on the way back we get us selves a bit lost and get to really shallow water and we are basically at snorkeling depths instead of diving depth. The area is nice and we see a lot of fish and corals - but I have gotten to a stage that I don’t really want to use diving gear if I am at less than ten feet’s depth like we are at most of the dive.


After the dive Dave and his father in law is leaving and I stay behind to get a last day of fish in the country.

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photo by: planisphere