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The main cathedral in Puerto Princesa

This is holiday - so I start the day getting up early. No reason to be sleeping all day when you can get up before six and go to the airport. I fly down to Puerto Princesa which is part of the island area of Palawan which is described as some of the most of the beaten path area in the Philippines an area which is not so developed.


I get to the airport in Puerto - and it is pretty small there is an airport building with to blocks on each side of an open area. When I walk closer from the plane - no buses here to take you from the plane to the arrival hall - I see what is in between the two buildings a baggage conveyor belt.

The harbour area - with a dark dark sky to look at
Yep this is a fancy and modern airport. When the baggage starts to arrive the people handling the luggage actually make the last bit of the transport by moving the trolley by hand and putting the bags from the trolley to the belt by hand. From right next to them people take it straight of - it is easy to see why it is so important to have the conveyor belt.


From the airport I get on my very first tricycle. I tell the driver where I want to go - and he says he know the place and will take me there no problem. Then we take of - and this backwaters place I thought I got to is no way a quite place - on the contrary it is really busy with a main street packed solid with tricycles. There is virtual tricycle jams on every intersection.


Well the driver is not taking me straight to where I want to stay he is trying to take me somewhere else - and of course this place is closed for business.

Bankas in the harbour
But not to worry my driver knows the perfect place - of course this place is about twice as expensive as the place I want to go. The bastard just want a fat commission for taking me to this overprices spot. Well I convince him to take me to the right spot in the end. But this is the beginning of my very bad relationship to tricycle and taxi drivers all over the Philippines.


After getting to the place I had reserved I get of and go in - and great they have through away my reservation - but they do have room so all is good. Now it is time to go out and see the city. But it is a short walk around the city because the rain is coming frequently it is raining for two hours at the time and then it stops for like ½ hour. I knew I got here in the rainy season but this is a bit extreme. I end up calling it of for the day and head back to my pension - and there I wait for the rain to stop all afternoon. But it doesn't when time comes to diner I still cant get myself to go out in the constant rain so I end up staying and having diner the place I stay - not my ideal start of a holiday.

RJ82 says:
wow its sad to hear about your bad tricycle experience. they always try to rip off tourists.. i hope you had a better experience after all that. =]
Posted on: Jul 28, 2008
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The main cathedral in Puerto Princ…
The main cathedral in Puerto Prin…
The harbour area - with a dark dar…
The harbour area - with a dark da…
Bankas in the harbour
Bankas in the harbour
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