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Pandan Island - taken from North Pandan Island

Everything look like today is gonna be a nice and peaceful day. I got no really big plans about the day. There is a boat leaving in the morning going to Apo Reef for a 2 day trip - but it was full hence I got to stay at the island and go diving with Jordan in the morning. And it is not even all that early for a morning dive.


Hence it is time for a lazy breakfast at the restaurant and just enjoy the coffee and stuff. But there is something a bit different this morning. There is a big boat out at the sea it is a cruise boat full of tourist - and they will come on shore to go snorkelling at OUR island. To make matter even worse - the name of the boat is Hans Christian Andersen of Manila. It is really bad the boat is full of about 30-40 Danes just waiting to go for the biggest Danish naval invasion of another country since the conquest of Britain.

Hans Christian Andersen of Manila


This is what I hate when being away - just getting surrounded by overweight loud Danes who do not dare walk away from the protection of there Danish speaking guide and eating traditional Danish meals for dinner getting a Carlsberg to let it all go down. And this is a pretty small island - you really can't hide very well on this island. But I will do my very best to keep as low a profile as I possibly can during the morning with all the Danes flocking around the place.


Well there is one place to hide me suppose - the dive shop - I go down get my gear on to prepare for the dive. But what happen? Of course a couple of Danes want to go diving and ask around for info - but luckily they are turned away so it will only be Jordan and me for the dive.


The dive is actually surprisingly good. It is just around the island but the visibility is very good. Which is unusual for a dive this close to the shore. And the corals are beautiful with lots of fish. The dive end basically at the same spot where we went snorkelling the day before which is really great because there is a small coral garden and there are several turtles in the end. At first we see one big turtle but it is being chased by a group of Danes snorkelling around it - hence our dive guide points to another direction - and what is there - an even bigger turtle with nobody around. Hence we swim to it and go down snorkelling with it for a while - you can really get a lot of bottom time when you are down at 3 meters.


After the dive we get up and get some bad news. The boat to Apo is back and it is unknown when it will leave again. This is a bit of a problem. Because there is only one boat and if it leaves for a two day trip tomorrow with out us it will mean we got two days on Pandan Island before we can get to Apo Reef. Which is really annoying because it is the only reason we got to this island.


Hence we try to talk with the other people going - and they are all ok with extra guest even though it will be a bit cramped on the boat. Hence we will only have to convince the organizers that we can get onboard. This will be the mission of the day.


I go down to the bar area to hang out - it is sort of the meeting place of the island even if you don't go for a drink. But today it is also a bit dangerous - you risk being ousted as a Dane if you don't take care about all those people walking around the island - hence I try to keep a low profile so nobody will recognize my origin.


Well after lunch it seems like we got a bit of a break. The invaders retreat to their boat and stay there for the rest of the day. But the boat is not leaving as it was supposed to. They were going on to Coron Island today and a couple of other island around that area - before heading to Apo Reef. The heading to Apo Reef was a bit of a concern - would we run into them again at Apo? Well first things first let's get them to leave. But they did not want to leave because of a bad wind and a weather forecast talking about a tropical depression which could be moving towards us. Hence they stayed.


This is one of these things I will never get with a cruise ship. They stayed all afternoon on the boat not doing anything but waiting. Why? Why do you stay on a boat where there is not much to do instead of staying on the island to explore or go to the town to see if there is any sights there? Well it is not that I was sad about the decision to stay out of my way and onboard the boat - quite the contrary.


During diner there is some good news. We can get on the boat the next day if we can get everybody else to go along with it - no problem we already got an understanding with the others. The next big if is we can only go if the tropical depression is moving away from us - and the weather forecast is not looking too promising at the moment.

metroguy says:
ha,ha,ha!Yeap my friend, where ever theres an oil,USA is in the back ground always playing a role.Hmm.... come to think of it Denmark is not too far from USA ?????
Posted on: Aug 23, 2008
tj1777 says:
and the us government would probably do something like that. Did you know we got oil?
Posted on: Aug 23, 2008
metroguy says:
Hmm.... now Im really getting concern here about Danish invasion, it seems they are trying to spread there territory bit by bit.First they tried to let the whole world get drunk with their Carlsberg beer and feed the world with their Danish bread and try to charm the world with their Little mermaid and Thumbelina and lastly alure the people with smorrebrod.I think the United State government should do something about this,its Danish invasion !!! and its a trap !!! he,he,he...:-)D
Posted on: Aug 22, 2008
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Pandan Island - taken from North P…
Pandan Island - taken from North …
Hans Christian Andersen of Manila
Hans Christian Andersen of Manila
North Pandan Island
photo by: tj1777