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KL 10:30 am July27/Sunday /Anjung Guesthouse

Oh no, I missed to wake up at 7 am. Why didn't anybody call or texted me at least? Sh...! My cellphone conked out. While I overslept, my phone died. I missed my trip to Pahang. I should be at the Radius Hotel by 7 am today to meet my brother's friends to go with them to Pahang but reverse insomnia took it's toll on me. Weird but I feel better even if I missed the trip. Better after sleeping for almost 10 hours after dropping dead into my bed at the guesthouse after meeting some filipinos at Deutsches Haus on Changkat Bukit till past 12 midnight. I was staggering to stay awake last night because I practically had only 5 hours of sleep for the past three days that I was in Manila before I came to KL.

Blame it on TB! (Jorrit, Sarj, Jear, explain!) Having gone home at past 5 a.m. on Saturday morning, I was supposed to get some 3-4 hours of sleep before my 2 PM flight ex MNL to KL but my brother rang me up just as I lied in bed. He was asking me to go to his house in Fairview to get his pasalubong(travel gift) for his friends in KL. I asked what the items were and he said it was some Goldilocks pastries requested by his friends. Immediate sibling argument erupted. The hell! I'm not sacrificing much needed sleep to drive to Fairview to get some damn pastries. I might just throw them outa my car window! I was really so so sleepy so I insisted on goin back to bed even if I know that any moment my brother would come to bug me to no end. Soon as I got back to bed, my phone rang again for quite some time.
I ignored it because I knew it was my brother calling again. Hmmm but he would usually hang up if I don't answer after 3-4 rings. I began to guess. Was it Malaysian Airlines calling for delayed flight notice? I had to check to be sure. Oh no, it's JeAr! And he was supposed to be up in the air enroute to Singapore at that time! What the hell happened? Sure guess - he missed his flight. Cebu Pacific Airways refused to give him a boarding pass because he spoke in French to the lady at the counter and the stupid lady got confused and misunderstood him as carrying a bomb in his baggage! The Manila TBs were quickly alerted of the incident so everybody went on the move and acted immediately to get JeAr boarded onto the next flight before CNN,BBC,ESPN and ABS CBN came to the scene. My sleepiness was totally gone already. That gave me  time to pack my stuff and go to my brother's before proceeding to the airport. I boarded my flight at past 3 pm. I thought I could catch some sleep during the 3 1/2 hours flight but I was seated at the aisle and was annoyed with the flight attendants of Malaysian Airlines walking endlessly back and forth with non-stop offers of "Do you want newspaper, blanket, pillow, juice, peanuts,water, beer, soda, wine, tea, coffee,me?" How about massage and some sleep? I was hoping they'll ask for that. But don't get me wrong. I love Malaysian Airlines. Service is always sincere and superb! I just wished I was fully awake during that flight to enjoy the inflight service. Well, I'll try not to miss it on my return flight.

I'm left all alone now. Jorrit, JeAr & Hanie will be arriving from Singapore later in the afternoon and we will all go to the meet-up together. It's almost 12 noon. What am I gonna do? Be infront of the PC the whole day? I'll go to BB Plaza to exchange some money then have lunch somewhere. I'll go to Pavilion Mall.


ryan_84 says:
it all goes back to me whenever I see that tower - my first ever backpacking xperience.... left alone? OK lng yan kuya hehe
Posted on: Aug 16, 2008
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