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Loading up my constant companion.
I'm usually way more anal about packing than I was this week.  I'd been giving it some thought but the only sort of preparation I've done has been to ensure some of the clothes I need have dried properly in this horrid weather. 
  Fancy being struck by a weather bomb over the weekend I need to do my washing.  Good one!!   Still, meant I had ample excuse to stay indoors and crank the heating up.

I've been hanging out for this trip over the past few weeks.  Work's been so ho-hum of late and the whole cold and wet winter has become all too mundane.  I am SOO over it!  Even my trip to Gisborne last week (and seeing their brand new Police Station for the first time) was not enough to excite me.  Definately time I had a couple of weeks away.

This wasn't really planned as far as my usual travel planning goes.  I have more friends in Aus than I have left here in NZ now -so many Kiwi's are heading across the Tasman, and JonJon's been on at me since we caught up again at the Tokoroa High School 50th Reunion in June 2007.  Now THAT was a great weekend!

I've side-stepped his invitations, suggestions, -commands, to get over to see him in Byron Bay for over a year, and I guess I would have again, after all I'd only just visited Melbourne in April!  How many times in 4 months does a guy need to go to Aus?  This time though he told me Devo was playing at "Splendour in the Grass" festival.
  I still didn't give him the nod then and there. 

It was a couple of days later I thought about this great 80s punk band, and all the fun I'd had when a mate and I used to organise all the socials; at school; at scouts; weddings; birthdays...  Where-ever we could, just so we could control the record players and spin our own tunes.  Yeah, Devo were a huge part of those years for us. 
  It didn't matter that most of our attendees didn't appreciate New Wave and Punk, we wanted the whole dance floor to pogo on anyway.  Devo were cool, and so were we.  I need some of that back!  Especially since this weekend will see the passing of my 41st year (groan...).

I jumped on-line and scored me some flights.  "Big Bad Chad" is going to the Gold Coast!!!

That was a couple of weeks ago.  Now today I hear from JonJon that he still hasn't snagged a ticket.  He's been workin' hard at it but they are the proverbial "Chooks Gnashers".  Bugger!

Doesn't really worry me too much though.  He's quite the muso himself so I know I'll be getting my fair share of tunes as long as I'm with him that first week.
The second week I'll be shooting up to Brisbane. 
  Four friends to catch up with there; one that's been my friend for the whole length of both our lives.  Haven't seen Agnes since she swung by mine, here in Te Puke, a couple years back. 
  Selina I caught up with last month when she returned for a funeral.  I'll be dossing with these two ladies and their families while in Brisi.

The other two girls I have only passing friendships with.  Anne I met back in the early 90s when she spent a month or so on an exchange staying with a girlfriend of mine.  Haven't seen her since then but we've kept track of each other over the years, even with both of us being in a constant state of flux.  I'm looking forward to catching up with her again - meeting her man and her 3 kids!

Finally Stacey.  Worked with her at District Headquarters in Rotorua.  She ran off to Brisbane about 3 years ago.  Gonna be nice seeing her again too.

goezi says:
I enjoyed it, but I must say the last 4 years in one place has been a fresh of air for me too. Very nice to have a place to come home to.
Still, next couple of months will see me rent this place out as well -back on the trail again!
Posted on: Dec 13, 2008
oldschoolbill says:
Constant Flux is good Correct?
Posted on: Dec 13, 2008
goezi says:
Hahaha, I'm going to leave them to you in my will!
Posted on: Sep 05, 2008
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Loading up my constant companion.
Loading up my constant companion.
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