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The gang taking a break after the hike up the hill to the castle.

This was a little 2 1/2 hour trip we took this past weekend to go visit our good friends who just moved to Heidelberg.  Although we've been to Heidelberg many times (and even lived there in the early 90's), it is a city that we never get tired of visiting.  There's so much to do and the castle is just beautiful sitting high up on the hill.

We were supposed to leave on Friday evening but things didn't turn out like they should have so we left early Saturday instead.  We arrived in Heidelberg by 9:00 a.m and had the whole day to walk around, explore and shop.

The next day, we decided to take a 10 minute walk from where our friends live into the town they live (Wiesloch).  Although it was Sunday and nothing was open except for restaurants, it was such a cool town to explore.  They had all these really fascinating statues and sculptures throughout the town. 

One of the statues was of a girl with some geese.  My friend Claudia told me the story that went along with this goose girl.  (I'm not very good at re-telling stories so please forgive me if I make any mistakes on this one).  Apparently this goose girl was this princess who was supposed to get married.  Her mother gave her some sort of cloth with (I think it was her blood) on it.  She told her as long as she kept it with her at all times she would be safe.  The princess had a maid that was escorting her to the castle of her prince.  On their journey, the princess had bent down to wash and she lost the cloth.  The maid witnessed this and took advantage ot this.  I'm not completely sure if I remember this part correctly but somehow the maid makes it to the princes's castle first and convinces the court there that she is the princess and that the maid traveling her was an awful maid and should be punished by death.  The king feels there is something odd about this and instead makes the girl (the real princess) take care of the geese on the grounds.  Somehow they get wind of the princess (real maid) being an imposter and ask her how she would punish someone if they were being dishonest.  She said she would put them in a barrel full of spikes and have horses drag it down the street.  That, in the end, ended up being her punishment for being dishonest.  I don't think its a Brothers Grimm but it sure sounds like something they would have wrote.



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The gang taking a break after the …
The gang taking a break after the…
photo by: irenem