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The cute but annoying girl seated next to us
There are no direct flights to St Thomas from Connecticut, so we had to spend about an hour in Puerto Rico, enough time for us to have lunch at the Domino's Pizza in the San Juan Airport.  The pizza was expensive, but good!   We spent our layover calling and texting friends to alert them of our status.  It wasn't long before we boarded again, for the short half-hour flight from San Juan to St Thomas.  The flight there is so short, by the time the plane reaches cruising altitude, it is ready to begin its decent!  Good thing its a short flight...there was a cute, but annoying, little girl seated next to us, who would not stop squirming, fussing, and crying the whole time!  I was making faces to try to amuse her, but she kept trying to get off her Dad's lap to get away, and voiced her displeasure when he wouldn't let her.  She was adorable, but I'm glad we didn't have to spend more than 30 minutes seated next to her!  As you come in to St Thomas, the airport is right near the as you look out the window, it appears you are going to land right in the water... then, at the last minute, a runway appears beneath you!  The airport is kind of small, they don't have the typical gates for the plane to pull up to.  Instead, they just park the plane and roll a wheeled staircase up to the door for you to debark. 
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The cute but annoying girl seated …
The cute but annoying girl seated…
Rolling up the staircase!
Rolling up the staircase!
Debarking in St Thomas
Debarking in St Thomas
San Juan
photo by: sethwd2