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Tonight, it was terrible. Suddenly, we both woke. First tickings of rain. Unfortunally, it did not stay with only tickings. Very bad weather, rain and lots of wind, unpredicted. And we had all our stuff outside the tent! Rescue operation "out to in" was completed with wet backs. Uneasily we did get some sleep after that. Additionally, the neigbouring kids woke up early, so we had a morning with lots of yawns. The damage of the rain however was not that bad, so we made happy our preparation for the first 'day out'. With the car to Verona. Even more happier after seeing the dampy clouds produced in the surrounded mountains, what a sight, we drove away just after 10.

Not the highway, we can do that later.
We will take a provincial mainroad leading us along the southshore of Lago Garda. Nice viewings from the car, but heavy traffic did slow us down. After 2 hours we arrived there. Of course, we had problems finding parking places. After some searching, finally, we founded something. We were so lucky, because, after some navigation, the archeological museum was nearby. That was one of the things we wanted to see. For us no churches, we are not religious. Despite that, I love visiting cathedrals and basiliques, but only when they're special, in some way.

We made our visit lasted some 2 hours in the museum. It was so cool to walk through all that history. But we had no all day, so it was time to continue. Wandering through the small streets (not all of them) of the innercity of Verona makes you already fall in love with it.
But when you see the Arena, your pupils will extend automatically. How imposing will The Colloseum than be? Nice fact is that Sabine father has song here with a choire some years ago, so it was a special sight.

Totally exhausted after climbing up that Arena (in combination with all the hours of walking) we sat down in the sun at the Piazza. It is not cheap, a consumption there, but is really satisfying after a long day in the heat. Oh, what the hell, we had enough time. LEt's check out Romeo's & Juliettes place. It is quite funny to see all these people, taking pictures, writing notes, reading signs. Just for some brainthought of William. We were one of those people ;).
 A little bit stupid, but we decided to go back to the campsite when the traffic jam is at its peak. I nearly got sandwiched when driving, but without a scratch we came to Idro. Making a simple and easy meal in the open air. Having coffee and 1 or 2 glaces of wine (our eveningroutine already at that point) and falling a sleep with a smile on our faces.
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Just 2.50 euro!!
Just 2.50 euro!!
My Juliette
My Juliette
Dont shoot me!
Don't shoot me!
photo by: wilber85