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the gang

My lessons finished, I virtually ran out the door, stuff paper work who needs it. ( I'll better do that first thing Monday morning). I hopped on the train and headed into Osaka for a mini meet up that coincided with Jenns birthday. Jen had come from New York  to Japan for her birthday. There were only 6 of us who attended but we all had a great time.

The meeting place was HEP5. a shopping mall that has a ferris wheel on its roof.Thinking that I was late, only 5 minutes past seven I ran across the street dodging traffic, well only the slow pedestrians crossing the street. I get there and quickly spot Ayaka who I'd met at the last meet up about 3 months ago. No one else was there yet but soon Eiko and Jenn came and not long after Richard and his wife  Elizabeth joined us.

jenn forced to close her eyes cause of all the flashes

We walked to BB House a building that has many restraunts and bars. We had made a reservation at this restraunt called Alice, a really weird place, that's theme is Alice and Wonderland. We were seated by a waitress who was wearing a maid's uniform she told us that her name was Alice and that the room we were seated in was Alices bedroom. (I think JC would have loved this place) The funniest thing though about the place was every time the waitress would come whenever she finished serving us she would do a little kurtsy just before she left.

I had only met Ayaka and Eiko before so it was good to meet some new people from TB. You would never of guess that it was our first time meeting as we all chatted away to one another as if we were long lost friends. Richard is a funny guy and likes to know lots of interesting things he's not at all shy of asking, he especially liked to pick on me and he left me blushing like a little school boy asking all these questions in front of the ladies.

happy birthday
Jenn's really easy to talk to and has some interesting stories to tell, she especially helped me out as I tried to dodge Richards questions and pass them on to her, thanks Jenn

The meal was really good but to be honest I can't remember what we ate (help me out here guys) After eating Alice brought out a big cake for Jenn. She was very suprised and everyone laughed at her reaction. Alice even sang Happy Birthday to her.  All that was missing was the mad hatter sorry not good with fairy tales I think that's one of the characters.

We only had a 2 hour reservation so we were promptly asked to leave, probably we were making too much noise ........hehehe

We all said our goodbyes  Eiko and Jenn went clubbing in Namba, Richard and Elizabeth  went back to Kyoto, Ayaka and I went home.

Thanks guys for a great night see you Eiko and Ayaka on Monday.


people who attended

Momoji        Eiko       Nagoya      Japan

Ayakam       Ayaka    Osaka         Japan

Ellechic        Jenn       New York   USA

RichardAmsterdam    Richard       Ireland

RichardAmsterdam    Elizabeth     Sweden

Reikunboy    Chris      Osaka          Japan


reikunboy says:
That's right that weird cold soup how could I forget that. Your drink was funny they made it out to be something really special and it was only a blue Hawaiian. Ididn't drink too much that's just my true personality coming out once I feel comfortable ...haha
great meeting you to Jenn
Posted on: Oct 23, 2008
momiji says:
Haha such a fun night :D You were blushing so bad and your the only one who had 3 glasses of beer that's why you don't remember what you ate :P Because of what Richard asked you, I got to know you a lot more. Hahaha!!! See you in a few days ;)
Posted on: Oct 23, 2008
ellechic says:
A nice, short and sweet blog. It was a great mini-meet up - all nice and intimate. ^_^ Great meeting you there.
You had one too many beers, mate! What kind of Aussie are you? LoL...
First off, it's Alice IN Wonderland... Secondly, some of the food we had that i did remember were some weird cold soup in a tea cup, pasta, beef stew, and my drink that was really just 'blue hawaiian'! LoL
Posted on: Oct 23, 2008
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the gang
the gang
jenn forced to close her eyes caus…
jenn forced to close her eyes cau…
happy birthday
happy birthday
photo by: yasuyo