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from the summit of fubukiwaato

Mickey, Mickey, Mickey, on the third shout I caught his attention he spun around in the station and headed my way to the wickets of the shin Osaka station.  Mickey had come from Kyoto to spend one last day in Osaka before moving onto Tokyo. The plan was to hike from the train station of Ashiyagawa over the mountains of Fubukiwaato, then onto the summit of Mount Rokko before descending to Arima onsen, which has one of the oldest hotsprings in Japan but first of all we had to get a locker for all of Mickey's luggage.

We got off the train at Asahiyagawa and walked for about 15 minutes through the reidential area before reaching the start of the hiking trail.

Mickey, me and the 3 japanese guys
The first thing you see is a waterfall around 10 metres high, a nice way to start before the strenuous climb of clamouring up the rocky mountain at times using chains and ladders to help with the ascent.

My son had raced way ahead, no affects of the sweltering heat and every now and then I had to yell, just to know if he was alright as he was out of sight. Mickey and I continued to talk even though we were breathing hard and both struggling, but I was inspired to keep going whenever I saw an elderly Japanese person coming from the other way, each time we were greeted with a konichiwa.

Just before we reached the summit, we finely caught up to my son, he had made friends with a group of three Japanese unniversity students and had been walking with them. At the summit we took a group photo and then I thought we would go our seperate way as there are a variety of trails from here and we were going on the longest one, but they were also going on the same trail so we hiked the rest of the way with them.

people enjoying the food hotsprings

With the unniversity students leading the way as well as my son, we ventured on towards the summit of Mount Rokko 943 metres high. I think this section was the hardest and we soon lagged behind often stopping for breaks, gasping for breathe, slowly ascending but through all this, Mickey and I still were talking away just like we were sitting in bar with a nice beer.

Eventually at the summit of Mount Rokko,sitting on top was a restraunt for all the hikers, the 3 japanese who were with us got some curry and Japanese noodles to eat while we sat and had a drink even though the restraunt served beerMickey and I settled for water and juice from the vending machine. As we left the restraunt something changed it was as if the 3 young japanese were starting to tire, it was not MIckey and I no longer trailing behind but them with the descent being a real easy hike on a rather flat surface we reached the township of Arima made famous for its hotsprings, walking through town we found the bus stop and said our farewells to the three Japanese, who were really friendly bunch of guys. 

Mickey had about 30 minutes to spare before he had to catch the bus back to Osaka has he had planned to meet Yasuyo, another Osakan member from TB, tired hot and sweating we saw a sign for the nearest public hotsprings but with Mickey ahving not much time we had to settle on a foot hotspring to soothe the tiring  aches and pains away. We relaxed and continued talking till it was time for Mickey to go.

After Mickey left , Rei and I went and soaked in the reddy, brown water of the famous Arima onsen, the water contains minerals that have helped heal people who have had skin disorders. Arima onsen is one of the 3 oldest hotsprings in Japan.

Having met Mickey at the Osakan meet up and now gone hiking with him, I feel we've become good friends so if you ever get the chance to meet him don't hesitate, truly a nice guy.


sylviandavid says:
nice blog.... fun read...
Posted on: Jan 23, 2010
tj1777 says:
I enjoyed the hike as well. Too bad I did not have time for the onsen bit of it though. I actually did not make it quite on time back to the city because the bus was late and I could not find the right keylocker.
Posted on: Aug 04, 2009
reikunboy says:
Jenn,you mentioned last year that you wanted to do this hike actually. Next time, ne
Posted on: Jul 31, 2009
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from the summit of fubukiwaato
from the summit of fubukiwaato
Mickey, me and the 3 japanese guys
Mickey, me and the 3 japanese guys
people enjoying the food hotsprings
people enjoying the food hotsprings
photo by: yasuyo