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first it's off to New York :)

It was at the end of last year when I had a dream and I awoke with a pain. It took me a while to understand what kind of pain it was but then I realised: It was the yearning for more travels. I was ready for a change, ready for a new adventure, for a new life.

So here I am now, just a few weeks away from starting my next big trip. I am ready, I am over-ready, enough of all this anxious waiting, this is it and there’s no way back!

It’s another attempt of self-discovery and discovery of the world. Another escape from the “real” life. Once again I’ve had enough of this confined life full of useless rules. All these alleged constraints and necessities and social compulsions.

place of the TB meetup :-)))
I wondered: Isn’t it all just a waste of time and effort?


Dreaming of your future travels is part of the whole journey. Travelling all starts with a dream, there is a vague idea somewhere in the back of your head, then the idea becomes a thought, the thought becomes a yearning and soon there is no way back but to put the yearning into practice. The time of planning begins, the time of calculating your money and realising that it will probably never be enough. You buy a guide book and the guide book soon becomes your bible. You study maps, think about itineraries, change them a hundred times, you calculate your budget again, again it’s still not enough, so you cut your itinerary again and again until you think it’s right for what your wallet can afford. You need to save money which is always a hard thing to do but with travels as a reason saving money is always worth it.


Then you think about what it will be like once you have arrived at your destination.

Peru and Bolivia...
That’s when you start to look for people, fellow travellers and locals. And that’s when you become a member of travbuddy :) Finding travbuddy and becoming a member of it you are relieved. Relieved to see that you are not alone, that there are thousands of other people out there who are just as addicted to travelling as yourself :)


So South America it will be.

When you hear people talk about South America much of this talk is negative. Whatever news reaches Europe via newspapers or TV is full of war, blood and thunder, kidnappings, poverty, drugs etc. etc. And often when I told people that I’m going to South America they threw their hands up in horror: “Isn’t that dangerous?” --- “What??? You’re going all by yourself? Alone?” --- “But where are you going to stay?” --- “What are you going to eat?” --- “Do they have Internet there?” --- “But they are all so poor there!” --- “What if something happens?” --- “Did you think twice?”


Especially the fact that I’m going “alone” was surprising for many.

...towards Buenos Aires...
Whenever I told them I could see their brain working and I saw that they imagined a continent with me on it but no one else except for some dangerous and lunatic locals being out to overpower me with their bows and arrows, kidnap me, rob me of my humble possessions, torture me, hold me to ransom without getting anything, then painfully kill me and ditch me somewhere in a remote jungle. Yes, believe me, I’ve heard people worry about things like that. I am so surprised sometimes that people still have so many prejudices. I mostly pity those people for they are sheltered in their own little world and believe whatever gossip they hear or read. They never risk a second glance. They are put off by bad news and therefore stay at home except for the occasional trip to Mallorca (“because they speak German there”).


Surely it’s nice to have people around you who do worry about you, it would be quite sad if no one cared, but then why can’t they understand? Whenever someone asked me: “What will you be doing in South America? Study? Work?” I said: “No, I’m travelling.

...Ushuaia to Cochrane...
” and in return I received a blank look. “But you gotta be doing something!” - “Yes, I’m travelling…” I guess you need to have a passion for travelling in order to understand what I’m doing but I’m happy to know that there are many others like me out there ;)


Travelling is all about overcoming. About overcoming one’s weaker self. It’s about wanting it. But many people WANT it but then don’t do it. The bottom line is that it’s only a question of suiting the action to the word. It’s about daring to set off to a foreign world. It’s all about leaping over one’s own shadow and breaking the habits. It’s a test for oneself.

That said some people might say it’s brave to travel that far.

...Cochrane to Villarica...
But honestly, I don’t think it’s brave but rather foolish. What’s brave about leaving order and friends for disorder and strangers? What’s brave about leaving a safe place and changing it for a more dangerous one. It’s not brave, it’s very foolish. Travellers are often foolish but I’m proud of being one of them :)

I crave a little risk, some danger, an untoward event, a vivid discomfort, an experience of my own company. Isn’t that what travel is all about? Isn’t that what makes it special? Isn’t our need for security a mixed blessing anyways? Surely everyone is thankful if one’s life isn’t threatened every ten minutes. But then again: How much do we miss out on when fear is constantly stopping us from moving a step forward? Therefore this faint hint of danger is part of travelling, it’s part of the experience. Travel is not a vacation, and it is often the opposite of rest.


“The journey is the reward.

...Villarica to Mendoza and Santiago (and back to Lima)
" Yes, that is certainly true but what is even more important is that the journey is only the reward when this journey is stony and bumpy and winding and potholed; a dirty path, a difficult one that needs to be mastered. But it is worth mastering it since at the end of the journey the reward is a wonderful memory.


Needless to say that I am looking forward to see Machu Picchu, Tierra del Fuego, Perito Moreno Glacier and all the major sights that I will (hopefully) get to see during my trip. However, I know that in the end it won’t be all those important sights that will make this journey so compelling. The bustling city, the stunning mountain, the perfect beach, the lonely road are only frames to your whole picture. All the touristic sights are simply extras or props in one’s own film. Starring as lead actors in one’s travel documentary are always the fellow travellers you meet on the road and the locals who introduce you to their country with overwhelming geniality.

In the end what’s really important are the people you meet. It is them who make my travels all worthwile! It is you!


So thank you for helping me with my preparations. Thank you for sharing all your travel experiences with me. And most of all, thank you for sharing the same travel addiction :)


América del Sur, estoy listo! Hasta pronto! Mi sueño se hará realidad!

laestrella says:
I really enjoyed your photos! I think I'll be adding Mendoza to my list.
Posted on: Jan 05, 2010
hielito says:
That sounds really cool, I think you have perfect attitude for experiencing great things, I have too check out more of your blog and see what you did.
Posted on: Dec 10, 2009
newtampo says:
"The reward is a wonderful memory", yes! :)
Posted on: Jul 10, 2009
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first its off to New York :)
first it's off to New York :)
place of the TB meetup :-)))
place of the TB meetup :-)))
Peru and Bolivia...
Peru and Bolivia...
...towards Buenos Aires...
...towards Buenos Aires...
...Ushuaia to Cochrane...
...Ushuaia to Cochrane...
...Cochrane to Villarica...
...Cochrane to Villarica...
...Villarica to Mendoza and Santia…
...Villarica to Mendoza and Santi…