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tomorrow we leave ko chang.  tomorrow we leave this sweet little home away from home and our new family.  our family members are as follows...tee - the reggaelicious papa who drew us all together, jep - djembe maker and wound cleaner, jay, half thai, half german dude who ditched the life of a professional skateboarder to lead a simple existence doing flips and being jep's student, "P" and Miki (pronounced mikey) - sweet parisian guys who have kept us laughing with their imitations of ladyboys and kept us in awe of their rhythmic aptitude, jackson and leo - two young english wordsmiths who met at our djembe house barbeque and have since fallen madly in love (not in a carnal sense)...we have all been so amped up on each others energy - barely can spend an hour apart... i had the priveledge of being invited into the kitchen to help prepare for the aforementioned barbeque - i learned how to make tom yum from scratch in an open air 'box' made of plywood, with a lovely mortar and pestle, using pots and pans that hung alongside tree branches... mini orgasms there... unreal.  motorbikes rock, though i came about 3 inches from launching myself off a cliff today on a treacherous stretch of road on our way to find this secluded waterfall, where we crossed paths with some elephants and had to ride across a river.  am off to the djembe house (just wait for the pics - words couldnt do the place justice) for one last session and then a big jam at the treehouse tonight, followed by, what i am sure will be tearful goodbyes (at least for me - as mike and jean will mostlikely be part of the soon moving family caravan).  sigh.  shit.  good life.  sabay sabay.
jacksonharris says:
I couldn't have said it better myself..

When good people get together,
It creates a special feeling,
That we can give to others,
Through the music we are making..

Posted on: Aug 08, 2008
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Ko Chang
photo by: rotorhead85