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sooooooo - i'll start with my journal entry from two nights ago and see where we wind up....

from 7/25 - it's so dark on this bus - i can barely see the page right now save for a few fleeting seconds here and there by the light of the billboards alongside the highway.  mike and i left busan just over 24 hours ago, and already i feel as if we've been traveling for a week.  i don't think i've ever packed in as many legs on as many varieties of vehicles in a single day's time - in fact, i didnt know it was possible. 

we started with a three hour flight from busan to hong kong - then after three trips to the currency exchange counter, got on a ($10) airtrane with the intention of going to the city center - got off after only one stop, thinking we would find somewhere a little closer to to the airport to have a noodle and dumping adventure... wound up discovering that most of hong kong (so we were told) does close down after midnight.  so we got on the metro, did a two line transfer to get to mong kok (we had a lon of fun with the plethora of "kok" subway stope names), which we were told was an around the clock part of town.  after having our delish, delish, delish, delish fried beef noodles and shrimp wontons, we found a sidewalk - uh - table, and had a tsingtao while we watched prostitutes enter and exit, with and without johns, the brothel we just happened to plant ourslves in front of.  took a taxi back to the airport about 2:30am and happened upon two gigantic, plush, cushy red couches just waiting to be slept on.

another 3ish hour flight from hk to bkk and a bus to khao san road and there she was, little miss jeannie fitzsimons to join us for what i can already tell is going to be a most memorable holiday.  we sized up our options, decided on ko chang - the leg work produced the options of either waiting waiting till morning to do the minibus-ferry seven hour combo or head straight away to the station to take a bus to TRAT, allowing us to catch the first ferry out in the morning and slip into island life all that much sooner. 

lo and behold, somehow TRAT got transmutated into TRANG in my brain (and subsequently, in my request for directions) and it wasn't until the fact that the bus station clerk swore up and down that it was, in fact, an 11 hour journey perplexed us enough to re-reference the map that we realized that not only had we bought tickets to the opposite side of the country, but we were also at the wrong bus station of the opposite side of bangkok.  after oops-ing cutely enough to get a refund (minus 10% fee of course), we got into another taxi with the name of the correct bus station scrawled in thai, drove for about 15 minutes before our very young driver pulled into a gas station to ask other drivers for directions.  they laughed at him and waved their hands as if to say 'that's a long ways away young feller' - which resulted in a quick switcheroo of our packs into the trunk of yet another taxi, which cost us about 200 baht for an hour haul.  and now, finally, we are about an hour into our quite comfy bus ride to TRAT, where we will arrive well after midnite and hopefully find some shelter for the night so we can wake up and get our island ON.  it's nice to be in such fantastic fuckin company...

so that was two nights ago - the bus ride turned out not to be so comfy as a result of the stench of urine that wafted heavily from the air con vents... at first we didnt realize that there was a bathroom on the bus...  when the bus stopped on the side of the road for the fourth time without letting us out, the smell finally convinced me that there was a john down below. i woke jean from her ambien induced slumber to get past her.  i pointed to the stairs at the back of the bus, and when i returned, relieved yet disgusted, jean was standing in the middle of the aisle and the entire bus was staring at her.  apparently, she thought i had gotten out of the bus to pee (gotta love those perscription meds) and that the driver was leaving me behind.  so she had run to the front yelling "stop the bus, stop the bus... my friend is outside."  can always count on J for a good laugh. 

we did, in fact, find a nice hotel to have a nice smoke and laugh ourselves to sleep.  had an un-frikkin-real lunch in the local market, took a jeep to the ferry to another jeep to lonely beach, ko chang.  after much deliberation (as the beach at lonely beach has surrendered to the tide) - we chanced upon cheap, lovely bungalows in this amazing tropical garden.  spent last night doing a round of the local bars, the last which had live music which turned into an open mic, that mike and i both partook in.   the weather has been shite, so far - but it just stopped raining, so i'm gonna get my ass out of the internet cafe and into some proper hiking kicks to go pal out with some monkeys and gawk at some waterfalls in the lush, lush jungle.

life could only be sweeter with a little sunshine.  rock and roll. 
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Ko Chang
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