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We were delighted to have bulkhead seats on our flight between Manchester and Abu Dhabi with Etihad. Mark and I are both pretty tall so any extra leg room is appreciated! We settled into our seats (after I'd emptied the magazine pockets in front of us so I could fit my book - Wicked - and a bag of sweets into it!) and buckled in. Then a group of 6 young guys - who it turned out where heading to Pattaya for 3 weeks - boarded and were seated directly behind us. They were exceptionally loud from the outset - I must sound like a fuddy-duddy, and I realise they were excited about their holiday, but I didn't want to hear about their sexual conquests, nor did I care to hear what they were planning to do to any women they could get their hands on in Pattaya!

They were pretty loud throughout the flight and I really didn't get any sleep until most of them fell asleep - but when they woke up the squeals of laughter began, thus waking me. They were a bit inebriated, but at least they weren't jumping about and kicking the seat!

All we could really do was hope they weren't near us on the next flight.

The food on the flight wasn't too bad, but we had the trays for such a long time before they were cleared I had to pass mine to Mark because I was bursting for the loo! The IES is good - like the ICE system on Emirates, and I watched 27 Dresses and two episodes of House during the journey. The toilets on the plane were not kept clean during the flight - and this was the same on every flight. I hate wearing shoes or socks on flights, but had the flight socks in the inflight comfort kit on when I went to the bathroom halfway to Abu Dhabi, and the floor was soaking. I appreciate plane loos get a bit grubby during flights, but this was downright disgusting. I asked the steward if they could dry the floor and he suggested I go and put shoes on - but since I was wearing flip-flop style sandals/ thongs to travel, I had to insist he dried the floor too - I didn't want my foot to slip into whatever was on the floor!

We only had about 2 hours in the departure area of Abu Dhabi in transit, but the airport was a disgrace (see review). Some people seem to prefer it because it isn't as big or high tech as Dubai, but give me shiny metal palm trees and travelators over migraine inducing mosaic and a lack of air-con in departure gates any day. I won't repeat everything I've said in the review, but let's say we didn't enjoy our time in Abu Dhabi airport, and it's definitely put us off travelling through their again. If we were ever going to Abu Dhabi I'd fly into Dubai and take a one hour transfer by road rather than going through the airport - sorry, but it wasn't worth it, even for the £700 saving if I'm being really honest...

X_Drive says:
Not a great flight when other passengers are so noisy.
Posted on: Jun 20, 2013
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