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What A Welcome Home.....What A Lovely Smile Too

Just off the plane and finally home after all my travels. It was refreshing to be home and to know that once I unpack my bag, I will not have to repack it for quite awhile.... having said that, my dreams of future travels did kick in again after a day or two of bring home.

First off, I come out of the arrivals area expecting to see my whole family anxiously waiting for my return. They were nowhere to be seen. My mother did show up. She even walked straight past me even though she looked right at me and made eye contact.

She did eventually recognise me...... eventually.

She later admitted that she did not recognise me with my long hair & beard. She was also rather disturbed by such a person of my visage having a vintage Mickey Mouse poking his head out of my bag.

Megan & Moby Richard The Whale That I Brought Back For Her
(He was a gift for my niece along with Pluto, so what if they are still in my room all these years later, Im looking after them for her).

At home it was great to see how much my little niece Megan had grown and I was very interested to see if she would still remember me.... the first photo proves that she did.

When I walked through the front door, Megan just looked at me and smiled. Before she could even manage to say my name she had run all the way from the kitchen straight to me.

Now that was a good welcome home.

While it felt great to be back home again, I knew that I would never settle down long enough to grow roots before my wings set off again in search of new adventures and new friends.

A wonderful welcome home before the dreams of future travels begin.....

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What A Welcome Home.....What A Lov…
What A Welcome Home.....What A Lo…
Megan & Moby Richard The Whale Tha…
Megan & Moby Richard The Whale Th…
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