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So it's just gone 22 minutes past 11 in the morning. The boys are still fast asleep after only getting into bed a few short hours earlier. I was struggling to sleep. Perhaps I had far too many Red Bulls last night!

So I got up and wandered into the kitchen where forgotten memories started to rush back to me.

Sasha was still passed out, sprawled across the kitchen table. A random Journeyman lying half off the couch with an empty box of Cornflakes sitting proudly on his head. That explained why I woke up with a half empty box of Coco Pops on my head....

To avoid waking the boys up, I decided to go head out for a walk to tire myself out. For some unexplainable reason, after wandering around the beautiful gothic area for somewhere interesting and found myself inside the first tourist office I found.

I randomly picked a date and asked for tickets on a plane to somewhere. 5 minutes later, I left the tourist office as the proud owner of tickets to Brazil.

Going to Brazil has always been a dream of mine. Ever since I was able to sit still and watch football, I have been in love with Brazil.

As I got older I realised that it had so much to offer aside from "futbol", from the Amazon to the Pantanal, the Copacabana to the waterfalls of Foz and not to mention that Brazilian women are even said to rival the girls of the Swedish Beach Volleyball team....

When you look at Brazil on a map and indeed South America, it is hard to appreciate the sheer scale of this place.  Somehow I envisioned only spending about 3 weeks to a month cover all that Brazil has to offer before moving on. Live and learn I would say. I'm not sure if I did truly learn anything at this stage but hey, at least I was living.

The plan I hatched as I booked the flights here in Barca was to start in Brazil head in a vague northerly direction and somehow get to Peru and work my way down to the very tip of Argentina to Ushuaia, the end of the world. From there I would venture to BA where I would get flights to....

If my exams go south and my job doesn't start early instead I would fly from BA to South Africa to work my way in a very vague northerly direction again to Zambia where I would work with Sister Mary in a lovely little village called Mamba.

In Sao Paulo I would await my results.....

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photo by: fivepointpalm