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Follow In The Adventures Of Derek Knoxville & Rodrik-o

As we woke up when everybody else in town was going home, myself & Rodrigo soon found that we would have to make our own fun.

The never closing nightclub was closed. The bars were all closed. Nothing was open. What else was there for us to do?

We were full of energy and wide awake.

In set off in search of that elusive donkey. Since our arrival in Pipa we kept seeing a donkey wander the streets late at night but we're never sure if it was just an illusion thanks to the sheer quanity of alcohol we each had consumed.

We found it! It exists. It was when we found the donkey that Rodrigo suggested his masterplan. Our very own version of that very annoyingily rubbish show, Jackass. With me as Derek Knoxville and him as Rodrik-o, we were set to unleash our mayhem upon the unsuspecting town of Pipa.

Follow In The Adventures Of Derek Knoxville & Rodrik-o This Time We Walked Into A Room And Soon Realised That We Did Not Know These People!!

We started with trying to see who could go the fastest on the donkey, it turned out to be who could stay on the longest. Then back to our pousada to see who was up. Nobody. We still wanted more fun. So we thought that it was Paaarty Time! We broke our way into every room to see who else wanted to party. Unfortunately some people locked their doors. Smart. In room, I walked in on a couple sharing an intimate moment.

Soon we found our way back to the beach after stopping off in a shop to buy some breakfast. The yoghurt was 4 months out of date. It did not taste healthy.

I should probably also point out that although the bars were closed, we did tap into our alcohol supplies before the ensuing mayhem began. Apologies to all those we woke up. Included here are some of the videos, or at least the ones that are most suitable for public viewing.

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Follow In The Adventures Of Derek…
Follow In The Adventures Of Derek…
Follow In The Adventures Of Derek…
Follow In The Adventures Of Derek…
photo by: Sweetski