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The Presentation Of My New Hanging Basket, Pint Of Bulmers & Of Course MY New Travel Buddy....Bob!

I heard about a woman called Manon Ossevoort who decided to travel from her native Netherlands to the South Pole. Sounds normal enough. The thing is, she chose to do this trip on her tractor! When asked why she would want to do such a crazy thing, she replied:

"If you want something, go ahead and do it."

Although her words may not have been the most original, in fact, I think they may have even once been on a Nike commercial at some point but for some reason it stuck with me. Perhaps, the sheer ludicracy of what she is doing appealed to me. The idea of packing up your life and just setting off with any notions of time or money justs sounds like so much fun.

I was at a stage in my life where I had just finished my degree course and depending on my results I would then be off to attempt a Masters course. I had already been offered a job by a company whi said that if I fail to get into the Masters I would have to wait another year before starting with them. A little voice in the back of my head wished that I would not get the results I wanted so that I could go off and travel for the next 15 months.

My results would not be out for awhile so I decided to just start traveling but without any particular plan in mind at all. I only had two basic goals, to visit South America and go to a village in Zambia called Maamba where I know a little nun helping out in a village. They do appear to be very broad goals and definitely on different ends of the world but then again, with 15 months to play around with I suppose I could probably do just about anything.

So off I went and booked a one way flight to Paris. Why Paris? Dont know really but there was a direct flight to either Zambia or Rio from there so thought I would go and decide it on the flip of a coin.

Anyone who has read my blog about The Traveling Adventures Of A Roaming Light Bulb would be glad to know that this night was the night that I went out with my friends as a sending off and got really drunk waking up with a lightbulb, a hanging basket and a remarkably still full pint of Bulmers.

So lightbulb in hand, I was finally ready to sail off from the safe harbour and catch those trade winds to wherever I end up as Mr Twain might say. At the end of the day, I was less interested in where I was going than what I would be doing. I dont want to say the whole cliché about traveling to find ones self, but there is apart of travel that does change you. Travel makes people better people in my honest opinion. Hitler didnt travel. Stalin never traveled. Saddam Hussein didnt travel.....

derekbilldaly says:
Aww thank you so much Natalie! It is great that you can identify with my post, really appreciate it :o)
I wish you the best of luck in Lebanon, with your Masters and finding out what why things pan out! Enjoy :o)
Posted on: Mar 14, 2011
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The Presentation Of My New Hanging…
The Presentation Of My New Hangin…
photo by: fransglobal