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The first of the many to come funny sounding words on things.
I've been in Nagoya, Japan about two days and so far LOADS has happened. It's an amazing country. It's 4am and we seem to be in some sort of rain storm at the moment, i accidently fell asleep earlier after thinking i got away with no jet lag.. There is a 24 hour macdonalds right outside my window, its very tempting on a night like this (minus the rain) i dragged Josefina (the girl who came to Nagoya with me) there this morning. The breakfasts i love translate well :D sausage, egg and chisu. Today was mainly a day of long boring orientations almost all of which were in Japanese. It was fine when you had english notes in front of you or they translated, but when they stopped it didn't take too long to confuse you.
My room desu.
It didn't help that when they ask wakatta? (do you understand) you tend to nod or say yes. (the other option is an animal-in -headlights look which seems to get you attention. Oh! i forgot, today was my first phone call to a Japanese person. I was running late for the breakfast with Jo and Matt when the phone rang, I happily said "moshi moshi" having not had the chance before and a Japanese woman said alot of stuff in a short space of time, getting lots of "huh's, "what" and "ummmm...s" before i heard "kimasen deshita" and she hung up. I understood it as "you didn't come" but that doesn't really make sense.. My first thought was that the night before we had gone to Sakae in the city, got a tad drunk (which really helps your pronunciation and allows you to come up with some really inventive sentences) and by tad i mean a lot.
The amazing balcony view
Did i give out my number? to be honest i can't work out what number to give to people so probably not. The drunken night out was great though. Everyone here pretty much gets along so far. Josh being american gets a crappy exchange rate and wouldn't buy a beer so i got him what was probably a beer after confusing the bar staff (Asuka; more on her later) after one drink he was pretty out of it so Matt and i got him another and put extra vodka in, it was funny stuff. He takes the mic about English accents and stuff occasionally, he seemed to think cockney was a place, and thinks he can do an accent. He can't haha. This was where our amazing phrase pipe bags came from, somehow we were talking about the irish, somehow we got on to bagpipes, which i said were more scottish, bag pipes backwards sounded funnier so pipe bags came about. I made my most important purchase today, some sort of high tech kettle which has a few buttons that make no sense. I dragged it home, plugged it in, got my new mug and one of my 250+ teabags taking pride of place on my shelf and did what i thought was boiling the water, 10 minutes later not alot happened. I pressed a few more buttons and attempted to look some of them up in my dictionary when a little arrow popped up, i pressed it and here comes the exciting part... hot water! its one those instant hot water things, i never have to wait for a cup of tea again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i had 3 cups of tea before i gave the toaster a go. Note to self; buy a plate, toast doesn't butter well on a bowl. What else is there.. dinner is exciting! At the cafeteria there are about 40 options some of which i know what they are. I've tried two so far and i looks as if i can actually eat Japanese food. Today they had chicken katsu, it beat the macdonalds breakfast, so good. Ah the horrible little bug running across the floor reminds me, there are some *&^%$$ horrible bugs around! The sounds of the crickets/ cicadas everywhere is quite nice, but it doesn't mean i want to see them. On the first day i was introduced to Asuka when she noticed i backed away from the massive green bug on her hand and she followed me waving it about.. Since then i've seen uber ants, bigger and faster than the english ant and what can only be described as small (not that small) flying cockroaces, arghhh. No spiders yet though, thats good. The wire mesh that keeps things out on my balcony door is staying shut forever. Asuka also pretended i hit her with a door, i learnt the word revenge. The electric seemed to have just cut out (prolly the lightning hit something) gonna go!
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The first of the many to come funn…
The first of the many to come fun…
My room desu.
My room desu.
The amazing balcony view
The amazing balcony view
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