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This was actually connecting to Entebbe, Uganda...but still

After our walk in London, it was real important for some of us (Gail Moore, Janet Hogan and I) to find some place to clean up.  We couldn't believe that the London airport had showers!  And, they were free, you just had to "rent" a towel.  Yes, I said, "RENT a towel." 

After we cleaned up, we decided that we were hungry and we found a restaurant that served some authentic fish and chips. (Yummy).  And if you remember in my previous post, I wrote that I had not slept at all...well, when we boarded our next flight to Nairobi, I barely remember taking off.  I was out!!!

All I know is that I heard something right by my ear, I opened my eyes, and there was this food cart just inches from my nose.  I heard the steward say, "BREAKFAST!"  I sat up quickly, pulled down the tray, and weakly said, "yea...?"  It took me a minute to really get my bearings.  But, I then realized, this is the worst breakfast, I have ever had! 

I got up, to go to the bathroom figuring if I brush my teeth, I will feel better.  I did, but it wasn't till after I brushed my teeth that I read the sign..."This water is not potable."  Greaaat! Oh well, I figured I spit most of the water I wasn't too concerned. 

What I did think was really fun is that when we landed in Nairobi, is that we left the plane from the tarmac.  I hadn't done that since I was a kid!



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This was actually connecting to En…
This was actually connecting to E…
You get the idea!
You get the idea!
photo by: easyjobrob