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Hello everybody, sorry we haven't written in a while. I think we are becoming Luddites and are casting off the shackles of western dependence of the Computer. Actually, we have just been very busy, and some of our Servas hosts have archaic dial-up internet connections (makes for very slow internet usage). I know, I know, it's a very barbaric society we are immersed in.

Tuesday was our last day in Potsdam. Our host, Uwe, took us to a restaurant near the Sans Souci palace area. After eating we walked around the area, which is a large park with 3 large palaces built in the 1700s, some smaller structures, and great gardens all around. On our walk, Day-bag #2's zipper broke and quickly died (we seem to have a knack for picking high-quality bags). So we bought bag #3, and hopefully this one will last longer than 3 days.

Later that evening our next Servas host, Johanna, picked us up from Uwe's house. She lives in Stahnsdorf, a smaller village about 20 km outside of Potsdam. Her and her roommate Frieve made dinner for us and then we went to bed.

The next day we bussed back into Potsdam and took a river boat south to the small island town of Werder. We walked around the quaint area, including a nice church. Small in comparison to the grand cathedrals of Europe, it was still quite magnificent in terms of decor and style, as I think most churches of the time were. We returned by riverboat to Potsdam, bussed back to Johanna's, and had dinner with them as well as Johanna's daughter, Anna. Later we built a bonfire and talked, drinking beer. When Frieve brought out a bottle of champagne, we were too polite too decline, so we drank that too. Finally we went to bed at 2, which seems not uncommon for these folk.

Next installment of blog to follow soon. Until next time!

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