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The morning of sunday, august 31, we woke early for a quick breakfast with Antoine and Emmanuelle. Then they drove us back to the town of Reims, where we caught a train back to Paris. From here we took the metro to the airport. We arrived with tons of time to spare, not knowing what to expect for european flight protocol. But turns out its way easier than in the states, at least this particular time, and we were quickly checked in and all set to go. So we bummed around the airport for awhile until our boarding time. Finally our time came, and we climbed aboard. It was a good size plane, but wow were the seats crammed in there. I (Eli) am a little guy, but even my knees were shoved up into the seat in front of me. I can't imagine how a tall person could deal with such confinement.

A couple of hours later we touched down in Barcelona, Spain. From the airport we rode the subway to a stop near to the hotel we had reserved online. From there we hoofed it with the good ol' packs. Turns out the hotel wasn't quite where we thought it was, and ended up trekking much more than we had intended, but eventually we found the place. After settling in we walked to a nearby restaurant and had some dinner. Overhearing a man next to our table speaking english to the waiter, we struck up a conversation. Turns out he's from Holland and is here in Spain for business. We ended up talking for quite some time drinking beers, and it was nice to speak to somebody fluent in english as it is a relatively rare treat. Afterwards we headed back to the hotel and gratefully climbed into bed.

The next day we woke, had breakfast at the same restaurant as last night, and checked out. The walk to the pier where our cruise ship awaited was not far, and we were soon checked in. We boarded the ship and explored. For Eli, this was his first cruise experience, but anyone who's been on a cruise can tell you how massive these ships really are. Inside on many different decks are shops, restaurants, a buffet, countless bars, a movie theater as well as a play theater, a dance club, and a casino. Of course there are multiple pools and lots of sun-soaked deck spots for people to lay out on. Happening upon the main restaurant, we decided to have a "little" lunch. 7 courses later we waddled back to our room and relaxed. Later that evening we had dinner, at which we met our tablemates with whom we will sit with for all the dinners. Luckily for us the cruise people try to sit same-language people together, which is nice because there are 5 main languages spoken by passengers on the ship: spanish, italian, french, german, and english. To think what their front desk people have to go through...Anyways, our table companions were two american couples, one from Michigan and one from Colorado. After a month and a half of constant language barriers it is a welcome thing to have a normal conversation.

Later this night, at midnight, our ship reached its first port destination, the Spanish island Ibiza. Unfortunately we just aren't up to such late night gallavanting, so after losing some money at the casino we headed to bed. We intended to get up early enough to go ashore for a couple of hours before we set off again, but we were too tired so we stayed in bed. Oh well, at least we got to spend a half day in Spain.

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photo by: fivepointpalm