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The next afternoon the ship arrived to Messina, Sicily. We got off and wandered around the city with no real purpose in mind, jus looking around. Spying an internet cafe, we decided to spend a little time catching up with our emails. With the internet our only connection to home, we tend to worry about things if we haven't checked email in awhile. Who knows what catastrophes have befallen our friends and family, who might be desperately trying to reach us to no avail. But of course everything was just fine.

Later we wandered some more, and eventually ran into Dan and Margaret, our table mates. They were having an afternoon cocktail at a sidewalk cafe, and we joined them for a while. The time to return to ship to set out again eventually came, so we wandered back together. Right by our port was a little mobile booth set up that sold drinks to passers-by, and the four of us decided to grab a beer. The stand also sold bottles of wine, and Margaret decided to buy one to have in their room for later. The problem with this is that the ship has a policy that if passengers bring any alcohol aboard, it gets confiscated until the end of the cruise. So naturally, the best course of action would be for Dan to stick the bottle down the backside of his pants to try and sneak it on. Now for those of you who are picturing these two as rambunctious practical-joker college-age kids, bear in mind that Dan is perhaps around 55 and Margaret around 45. But they are truly young at heart, and we were all giggling like school girls. Even though the two of us were not exactly the perpetrators, we of course were accessories to this duplicitous activity. Dan was worried it was too obvious, and that we would be easily apprehended as the criminals we were, but Jenni and I offered continual support and encouragement. "You look great! Don't worry, no one can tell at all, honestly!" We would say, but Dan was dubious. In any event, we slyly and inconspicuously boarded the ship, attempting to stifle our urge to burst out laughing. Of course, not one of the staff even did more than glance at us at us, so it wasn't quite the suspenseful moment we had pictured. Yesterday, reboarding from Tunis, we had to put our bags through an X-ray machine and walk through a metal detector, so we thought this time would be the same. However, perhaps because that was Africa and now we were back in Europe, the scrutiny was greatly lessened, and no problems were encountered. But it was still fun and exciting. Again dinner was fun telling Bill and Paulette about our nefarious scheming, and afterwards we read our books and went to bed.

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photo by: Traveling_Brian