Puzzles at Sea - Day 41

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Shortly after 10 am on tuesday, september 2nd, our ship disembarked from Ibiza and headed towards Tunisia, Africa. This was to be a long leg, as we wouldn't arrive in Tunis until the next day. After a breakfast buffet we idled awhile, then worked out in the fitness room. One would think that a month and a half of schlepping our massive packs would find us in good shape, but it was clear some of our muscles hadn't seen much workout in a while. Afterwards we checked out a puzzle from the front desk and found a nice big table near the main pool and set to work. This turned out to be a wonderful community-promoting activity, as several people would wander past and take a look. Of course, none of them spoke english (indeed, I think there are about 10 americans on board, and a handful of aussies and brits, but the overwhelming majority is spanish and italian), but after gesturing to the puzzle as an invitation to help, many people would assist us for a time. Then they would wander off again, and we would say 'Ciao', or 'Adios', or 'Au Revoir', or whatever seemed to work.

Eventually, dinner time came around. We weren't finished with the puzzle, but asked one of the staff if we could leave it until after dinner. they didn't seem terribly enthused with the idea, but grudgungly agreed. However, when we came back the puzzle was gone! No doubt one of the crew cleaned it up, so oh well. It was too hard anyway.

Later in the evening we caught the very end of a variety show, but then toddled off to bed.

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photo by: kristinasub