Italian Food and Cow Paintings - Day 30

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The morning of Friday, August 22nd, we bid farewell to our host Marc and took a train to Belgium. We only planned for one day in Belgium before heading to France, so we picked a random town on the train route called Mons. Having no arrangements to stay anywhere, we schlepped our packs around this town, trying to find a suitable hotel. It was a fun walk, as this smaller town had a old-stlye flair to it with many stone buildings and an impressive cathedral. Eventually we came to a large plaza that seemed to be the central town square, with wonderful midieval-looking large buildings all around and outdoor cafes with tables and chairs around the whole place.

To this point we were unsuccesful at finding accomodations, so we stopped at the tourist center to ask for a good hotel. After checking in to the nearby place which was recommended, we set out in search of food. We ended up at an fancy Italian restaurant, not at all pasta and pizza but some posh stuff. It was quite good. After a long day of travel we were ready for bed.

The next morning we had crepes at a small cafe, and then went walking around our cute little town. At a cheese and wine shop, in the window was a cow painting that we really liked, and thought we might like to buy. So far in our trip most countries have spoke German (except for the Czech Republic and recently Holland), so Jenni was the official communications expert. Now we finally reached a french-speaking area, where Eli has eagerly been waiting for his moment to shine. In knowing that this was not in fact an art gallery and that the painting was perhaps not for sale, this posed a trickier set of questions to ask. But valiantly Eli tried his best to ask about the painting, and was answered by the women at the store with mostly puzzled expressions. Eventually it was determined that the picture was not for sale, so too bad for us. But before leaving Eli told the women, "Je t'aime," which he thought meant "I like", referring to the cow. 5 minutes later, however, it suddenly dawned on Eli that what he said in fact meant "I love you". No wondered the women seemed even more confused!

Afterwards we headed back to the train station and headed to Paris. More to come!

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photo by: emperial78