In Fürth, Day 11

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Yesterday, we had to get up early (8:30 wouldn't usually be too early, but the night before we were forced to stay up til 3 am by our evil hosts). We had a nice breakfast, and bid farewell to Norbert and Anja, who then drove us to the bus station. We rode to our next hosts, Schumi and Lili, who also live nearby in Fürth.

The reason we had to get there reletively early was because Schumi and Lili had made plans to go to a spice museum with their friend. We were invited to join them, and we gladly accepted (have YOU ever been to a spice museum?). It was a one hour drive to another area by autobahn, but when there was a major traffic jam, we decided to get adventurous and go by smaller country roads. We only had to pull over maybe 5 or 6 times to consult the map, but it really was a nice drive, with great scenery. The museum was great fun. Our tour guide spoke in German, but luckily Schumi is very fluent in English and was able to translate for us. All kinds of great facts and info about spices and herbs, and also a great deal about teas.

After the museum we had to drive to a small town where Schumi and Lili had friends to pick up some things. Again we had trouble finding the way, with many a map consultation. Success was not to be denied, however, and we soldiered on and managed to get there. In that town we had dinner where we ate Bratwurst and sauerkraut, and of course drank beer. We sat next to an old man (82 years old), who was delighted to talk with us over dinner. He was a veteran of WWII, and I think has experienced decades of lingering mistrust and dislike from foreigners, particularly Americans. He kept mentioning how nice it was to be talking with us in a friendly manner.

Later, back in Fürth, we drank sparkling red wine from Italy and sat on Schumi and Lili's balcony. We talked about many things, including American politics (Jenni says I'm a rabble-rouser). At 10:30, when Schumi mentioned he had to go to bed, we were relieved that these two wouldn't make us stay up too late! 

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mfmoorede says:
I've enjoyed reading your blog so far. Can't wait to read the rest. Hope you enjoy your stay here in Deutschland. We love it here.
Posted on: Aug 04, 2008
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Howdy everyone,

Our host Lili works in Nürnberg at an outdoor Senses museum. Mostly for children, this is kind of like a science museum with different exhibits for the five senses. We went with her to her work on Monday the 4th, and she showed us around. The area she was working at that day was the 'Optical Tent', where she showed us different things involving light and such. Neat stuff, even for adults. Then we walked around town a little, and eventually returned to our hosts' home in the afternoon. That night we had dinner with Schumi and Lili's friends Claver and Petra. Claver is from Rwanda, where Lili and Schumi lived for 3 years.

The next day Eli got up at 6:00 am to do Chi Gung (sp?) exercises with Schumi, who does this every day before work. Afterwards Eli went back to bed, and we slept in a little. Later in the day Lili took us to a place near to her work that is part of the Senses Museum. It was started by blind people as a place for people to experience things without seeing. The first spot was the 'Dark Cafe', where we sat in total blackness and a blind man served us coffee and cake. Very interesting. Afterwards was a walk-through tour in total blackness that is a similation of a house. Everyone kept their hand to the wall on the right to navigate through, and touched many things to try and tell what they were. Much I could not tell, until the blind tour guide told us (in German, but could speak a little English for us). Again, very interesting.

Later that night we had dinner at one of Lili and Schumi's favorite restaurants, an Arabian place. Very good food, and most of it we had never had before. Afterwards we drank cocktails back at our hosts' home.

Until next time...

photo by: tacco14