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We arrived in Friestadt in the early evening and were met by Hans, our host, at the Freistadt train station. He brought us back to his house and we got to meet his younger son, Nicolai, and wife, Hermine (pronounced hair-Mean-ay, not like the Harry Potter movie pronounciation). We had an ice cream and turkish coffee and talked about politics and such outside by their "pool". Basically they have a man-made pond in their back yard complete with lilypads and everything.

We were lucky to arrive just in time for a music festival that they are having this week. Each evening they have a different choir singing in one of their beautiful churches. This night they had a choir singing Rachmaninoff's morning and evening songs. It was good, but a little long for us after a day of traveling.

But afterwards, we all went to a building that they use for high school graduations and stuff. The town had a band playing traditional Austrian folk music, and a number of ladies in traditional garb (including our host, Hermine) teaching people how to dance to these songs. We had a really fun time, but I don't think that we were very good!

Afterwards we walked home by ourselves (our hosts left a little earlier than we did) and were glad to actually find their house in the dark.

Monday we slept in a bit, and then went for a hike with some maps that our hosts gave us. We had a really nice time walking in their nearly bug-free forests, and enjoyed a 4 hour hike. Needless to say, we were quite tired out after this, and spent the rest of the day at our host house, just hanging out. Nikolai had a number of friends over for dinner and drinks. Tuesday is also his last day at Hans and Hermine's house - he has volunteered for a year long position at a Peace School in Italy, and will be leaving soon after we do. So he had a celebratory going away party which we attended part of. Mostly his friends spoke German, so we weren't able to participate too much.

Till next time!

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photo by: sandywentz