Art and Nausea in Prague - Day 15

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We had a wonderful time in Prague - getting out of Prague is a different story. But first things first.

After our scary experience getting to a nice hostel, and then a nice dinner, we went straight to bed. In the morning, we tried vainly to find the attractions listed in our guide book. The issue was that our hotel and the main train station weren't on the map in our guide book, so we didn't have a point of reference. Eventually we decided to get on the subway and just guess. This turned out to be a big ordeal as well. The only place to buy tickets for the subway was a ticket-dispensing machine that only took Czech coins (their currency is called Crowns but I will use a dollar sign). We didn't have any coins, and to make matters worse, the ATM only gave us a $2000-bill (the subway ticket cost $18).  You don't get very nice looks from the girl at the convenience store when you buy a $35 bottle of water with a $2000 bill. Oh well. We did make it onto the subway.

We found an internet cafe soon after we arrived at the station that we guessed may be close to where we wanted to be. We did computer stuff for a little while and then found a nice patio restaurant. The girls that were our waitresses didn't speak much english, but all the menus in Prague are in 3 languages - German, Czech, and English, so we didn't have too hard a time. We did learn how to say thank you in Czech (sounds like ja-coo-ay). This is the only word that we learned how to say, and we got laughed at half the times we said it. The Czech phrasebook wasn't very helpful!

We walked to some large squares that had beautiful buildings, and then decided to go to the Medieval Torture Museum. That was an interesting experience! Really cool stuff to read about, but also rather nauseating. The museum is located at the east end of the St. Charles Bridge (which is famous for someone being tossed out of the bridge tower back in the day or something like that). So we walked across the bridge and it was just swarming with tourists and little stands with people selling jewelrey and paintings and characatures.

When we got to the west side of the river, we wandered through a nice area and stopped in an art gallery. There were some absolutely beautiful peices, but we showed some self-restraint and didn't buy the $27,000 Crown one that we really liked. To figure out how many dollars something cost, we had to divide the Crowns by 24 to get the number of Euros, and then multiply by 1.65 or so to get to the dollars. The gallery owner lent us his calculator to figure prices out!  We did buy a print-like piece that is actually a painting, but done on paper instead of canvas. So we are carrying that with us until we find a post office to send it home. We are very excited by our fabulous art purchase in Europe!

We celebrated our enjoyable day in Prague with some Italian food, and enjoyed the sites of the Prague river-front all lit up at night.


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photo by: vulindlela