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Friday 1st August- After the obligatory 'running around' getting things done, Mum and I set off for London on the train to see Kylie, and for me to catch my flight.  Well, when I say 'set off' the train chugged one stop and sat there for 15 mins!  We eventually made it to Luton Airport Parkway where we were told we had to change trains.  Of course, by the time we'd lugged our stuff over the bridge the train was pulling away.  Great.  So putting us an hour behind meant no time to eat properly before the gig (shoving a samon and cucumber sarnie down our throats whilst  queueing to get in does not count!).  Needless to say Kylie was bloody camptastic and finished with 'I should be so lucky'!  What more could we ask for!

Saturday 2nd August- After getting 2 hours sleep (change 'sleep' for 'worried dozing') I taxi it to Heathrow for 4am.

Yes, you read it right.  An easy hour flight to Frankfurt and then 10 hours sitting between a loud annoying Spaniard who insisted on leaning on me to 'talk' to her friends in front, and a rather smelly Indian who had a lack of control over his elbow.  Joy.  Thank goodness for my lack of previous sleep meaning I slept quite a bit!  Leaving the plane felt like walking into a sauna.....with clothes on!  Luckily my cousin, Lugs, was there to pull me through the horde of guys badgering us with ''taxi....yeees?''!  I had encountered hounding like this in Bali so quite happily answered ''no thank you'' 50 million times!  You have to adopt a hard skin for this country I've been told.....Mum take note!  The taxi ride was amusing, notably for having to drive around a herd of cows who had decided to settle in the road for the evening!

Sunday 3rd August- After a brief rising in the night to switch the air con OFF (no, I hadn't climatised that quickly!) I managed to sleep until 11am!  A quick shower before walking into town to grab a curry for brekkie!  Ok, so it was midday but surely the first thing you eat can be counted as breakfast right??!  Next on the agenda was a full body massage- yum yum!  Oh hang on, I forgot about nearly getting mown down (several times) by trams, cars, bikes, rickshaws. name it, trying to cross the road, and our rickshaw ride home, which involved jumping into one with a couple in already!  Yes, squashed!  An interesting visit to the supermarket involved us putting lots of things into the trolley, realising most of it was out of date and returning it to the shelves, then finding out the date was the manufactured date and having to go collect it all again!  Supermarket Sweep anyone!!!?  Ordering curry for delivery was the next laugh-out-loud (yes people, thats what lol means) installment with the guy asking us if we wanted 'home delhi belly'. No ta love, got any rice though?  Thankfully it was delish and after some training (after all, I'm here to work!) and a bit of work I have an early one ready for the loooong, booooring day ahead!

Monday 4th August- After about 2 hours break from my slumber I get up at 7am, have a (cold) shower and start work.

  I soon realise what a long and arduous task this is!  Repetitive and boring (sorry cuz!) - and it was only 9am! How would I cope for the next 7 hours, let alone 3 weeks?!!! Answers on a postcard please!

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photo by: sky69