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Beautiful sights from the cable car!
Today we left Krakow and set of for two days away from the big cities. Zakopane is a very touristy place, and probably the most popular ski resort of Poland, but there is a reason why all these tourists (I've heard some 3 millions a year) come here: the nature in the area is just amazing.

We caught a bus at the main bus station of Krakow, for a 3 hour drive south. I must admit I haven't seen much of the scenery along the way, as I was sleeping through most of the trip. Without any problems we arrive in Zakopane around noon. First thing we did after checking in our hostel, called Stara Polana, was having an ice cream.
Warm sun on the cold mountain
Well actually, my father choose to have Oscypek. My mother and I had a taste too and I instantly regretted not taking the cheese to. I am a cheese freak and this was heaven. I wrote it down in my imaginary list of things to do before leaving Zakopane :)

Because there is so much to do here (there are like a thousand routes for walking and climbing) I asked Kinga (ladyjazzga) for advise. She wrote the two major things to do in Zakopane, seen we had only two short days here, are Kasprowy Wiersch and Morskie Oko. So for the afternoon, we followed her tip and took a mini bus to the Kasprowy Wiersch lift.

We arrived here around 2 pm and started waiting in front of the ticket office. We could see it was a long cue, but we didn't expect waiting there for 3 hours.
.. because that's what we did. At first the sun was still shining, but we had to stand in the shade. Than by the time we came closer and closer to the entrance it became colder and the sun disappeared behind thick clouds. It even started raining! I was feeling really pissed, and so were my parents. We have seriously considered of leaving again but by that time we were half way the cue and so it would have been a waste of all that time we already stood there... I've really been thinking "whatever this mountain top looks like, it really can't be worth 3 hours of standing here wasting a lovely sunny afternoon. And now it is finally our turn, of course it starts raining. This is a waste of time and money". I honestly didn't believe any view could be possibly worth all the waiting. Yet we finally made it to the lift for quite a long trip up and up and up.
We could just watch the clouds pass us by over the path.

While the cabin got higher and higher I started to doubt about my negative attitude. I remember saying to my father "well this isn't outstanding yet, but I start feeling less sorry for spending a whole afternoon in a crowded row for tickets". He nodded. The views became more and more amazing by the higher we got. I must say I had never been in the mountains before. That is, I've been in some low mountains in Thailand and I've been trekking through the Sierra Nevada in Spain, but those aren't real 2000 meter high snowy mountains. So this was a scoop. I was stunned.

By the time the lift arrived I couldn't wait to get out. When we did however, I was instantly freezing. I SO wasn't dressed for this! It must have been really stupid, but unexperienced as we were we really didn't think about dressing up warm. Like how much colder can it be on the mountain top right? Hahaha, the wind was just icy.
It blew right through my clothes and I was shivering like mad while breading little clouds into the air. Yet at this point, it didn't bother me at all. The scenery was simply breathtaking. I can with no words describe what I felt. I remember thinking "Wow" constantly. I think I might have actually been saying it out laud over and over again. "Wow!". Than I remember thinking "Thank you so much Kinga for this advise. I am so glad we waited for this! You're the best". So thanks again for the tip, you really made my day back there!

When we'd just arrived there were still a lot of clouds. We stood above the rain and the sky was much clearer, but clouds drove by like mist over the paths and between the peaks. It was very magical. After that the sun broke through and all there was to see was the blue of the chilly air. The view was just so gorgeous.
I still can't believe it. My mom really was cold and so she went inside pretty fast. My father has a problem with heights and didn't knew if he wanted to walk across the small paths. I have a problem with heights too but I thought f*ck it, this is way to beautiful to waste. So I started walking around on my own. I felt so free up there, and so light. Hahaha, that probably sounds ridiculous. Yet I did. I felt truly truly happy. So happy that I couldn't think of anything else. And I started getting warm in no time. I even took of my jacked at some point. I'm amazed I didn't caught cold doing so.

Our initial plan was to walk the way down but because of the weather chance and mainly because it was already late because of the long cue, we had decided to buy a return ticket and took the lift back down. After that we went to have dinner straight away. I was starving!
newtampo says:
I should say WOW too. It's wow.
Posted on: Aug 19, 2008
YantiSoeparno says:
oo.. you are so lucky can see the view....
Posted on: Aug 15, 2008
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Beautiful sights from the cable ca…
Beautiful sights from the cable c…
Warm sun on the cold mountain
Warm sun on the cold mountain
We could just watch the clouds pas…
We could just watch the clouds pa…
Mmmmm, ice cream :)
Mmmmm, ice cream :)
Still doubtful about the trip afte…
Still doubtful about the trip aft…
Still raining...
Still raining...
Rainbow :D
Rainbow :D
Misty top of Kasprowy Wierch.
Misty top of Kasprowy Wierch.
Im freezing!
I'm freezing!
My moms freezing too :)
My mom's freezing too :)
Freedom !!!
Freedom !!!
My Pierogi Ruskie
My Pierogi Ruskie
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