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When in Rome.....


Left Florence two days ago and now sitting in quite cold but very beautiful nice. Amazingly, despite being further north than Rome its actually warmer.

Arrived at 10pm at night and headed stright for the hostel. Hotel Meyerbeer; its called. Cosy place, small room but pathetic showers. no water pressure at all.

What can I say about nice? id have to say its the most beautiful place so far. Long archin waterfront bouevards that lead onto sunswept cliffs; interlaced with exotic palm trees and beautiful early 1800's french architecture.I can see why its so popular.

Had a massive night last night, all three of us got totally pissed. Roberto went walk about after midnight; in the old town. Its probably the most beautiful part of Nice and throbs with nightlife. Even on a tuesday night it was pretty busy; Beer is expensive by NZ standards here; €5 per beer, but well worth it.

me, rob and James are heading for monaco today, expecting big things. Will update soon.

check the photos

jnybgd says:
Hi again Justin,

Let me first elaborate on how i ended up in a Russian jail.

I unleashed a big can of wip ass on a chetchnian friend of mine - and the rest is history.

Technology is good in Russian jails these days - in fact i am running several multi national corporations from my jail cell and looking to conduct an IPO with one of them shortly. Look out for it - back door productions - we make adult movies.

Are the two American girls the one's following you around? In Russia we would have to buy them allot of drinks for that to continue!

I am actually applying to be seconded to a NZ jail as i hear they have broadband wireless internet and cable TV - is this true?

Anyway, i gotta run, its communal shower time!

Posted on: Jan 18, 2006
razor says:
Well, jnybgd- firstly i must say nigel is a very unrussian name. Have you emigrated from NZ and ended up in russia while trying to buy yourself a bride? Perhaps your just a captalist who got caught in the wrong place at the wrong time? I´ll be nice and assume the latter. To answer your questions:
1. There are no cigarettes in that photo-your seeing things.
2. Your right. They aren´t girls- rather crossdressers mascerading as american women. Who would have guessed! I didn´t know, but as you say vodka is the cause of all problems!
3. Thats roberto wearing that jacket so I can´t help you there. Mine is beautiful italian hand made wool. sets you back 100 euro.

Now tell me:

1. Why is your english so good? Are they teaching it in russian jail? I hear its -25 degrees in Moscow. Ouch.
Posted on: Jan 18, 2006
jnybgd says:
Hi there justin, my name is nigel and i live in a russian jail. I have a couple of questions for you...
1. Are those your cigarettes on the green table?
2. Who are the girls kissing you? and are they actually girls? Oh thats right, you're not in Thailand yet!
3. Where did you buy that jacket in photo 3 - i would like to get one for the winters in here.

Thanks - and as they say in russian - vodka is the cause and solution of all problems! Enjoy.
Posted on: Jan 17, 2006
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When in Rome.....
When in Rome.....
Ahh Florence.... beautiful city!
Ahh Florence.... beautiful city!
This one needs no explanation!
This one needs no explanation!
photo by: Niki-Travelfan