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The walk to Easedale Tarn begins - could it seriously look more beautiful?!

The final day in the Lake District - I got a good farewell alright, it was raining! But I wasn't to be stopped, and after a quick quick breakfast of cereal and milk, I headed to what the folks in YHA had suggested - Easedale Tarn! It's about 4 miles away from the hostel and supposedly very picturesque. And so the walk began...

It was different to the previous hikes I've done, in that, this one seemed so much "backyardish". The best part was the wet path that had the stream flowing on one side, and lots of green, hills and cows on the other. The hike as such was very pleasant, with the rain and sun jetting in and out, the only problem I had was that I realised I've sprained both my ankles! So walking up the stone path with all kinds of slopes was a bit difficult.

But as "simple" as this place might be for Lake District standards - no rugged terrains, no blowing winds and no dramatic slopes, it was still a haven for pictures. You can only take so many of the heather pictures and get bored, but I didn't.

And finally we were up on Easedale Tarn - peaceful - but a bit anticlimactic considering how 'quickly' I reached the place, as compared to Stickle Tarn. I thought of going round for the full walk, but I didn't have a copy of the route map with me and I didn't want to take any risks, especially seeing as we had a train back to London in the night. Walked back to the hostel, the sun was shining and the Grasmere YHA was a pretty sight alright - bleak sunshine, very tender and all.

This is a shot worth framing
It looked excellent.

Walked to the town centre, had an onion and cheese pasty for lunch followed by lemon pie cake (excellent), and then walked around to a spice shop that sells spices from all around the world ( don't EVEN know how I ended up there), and then a walk around town before heading up to Grasmere Lake and sat there for a while. Grasmere Lake is nice, but I won't say it's a picturesque setting. I realised that half the beauty of the Lake District is when it rains, and when you see the neatly manicured slopes from a height (aka, a long upwards hike). Other than that, the lake had about the same beauty as my neighbourhood Lake Grapevine.

Around 4pm or so, headed back to the hostel - one last round of email and then packed to head back to London! I couldn't believe it was really useful.

I had never thought I'd love getting wet, and that hanging my overpants, socks and shoes in a musty "drying room" in a basement would become of nightly order, it's amazing the transformation one goes through during a holiday!

The bus arrived to take me to Windermere Railway station. The ride back was dark and wet and the windows were misty, so I couldn't look out and appreciate my last ride in the District. Got down at the station, went to a nearby "Booth's" (their grocery store) and bought my favourite Walkers Sweet thai flavour crisps and a chocolate croissant.

Caught the train back to London - it was packed but thank God for the rsnt shop - had excellent cheese-tomato-basil baguette, crisps and beer for dinner. Reached London rather early. I'm very impressed with Virgin Trains - excellent seats, very quiet and fancy coloured toilets makes pee'ing a pleasure! But the overall problem was that the sleep was catching up on me. Sleepily got down at Euston Train and caught the Tube to Oxford Street to YHA. The YHA was a disgrace - read my review in the next page. But eitherway, slept like a log that night.

Lake District was good - I'm so glad I visited it, and I must say it was worth the hype.

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The walk to Easedale Tarn begins -…
The walk to Easedale Tarn begins …
This is a shot worth framing
This is a shot worth framing
on the way back
on the way back
Back to the hostel
Back to the hostel
View of the hostel on my return - …
View of the hostel on my return -…
Grasmere Lake
Grasmere Lake
Bus arrives to take us back to Win…
Bus arrives to take us back to Wi…
photo by: Vikram