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Outside Earl's Court YHA on the next day at 7am

And so, another trip to London! The funny thing is that it's getting more and more second nature to me. I finished an exam on Tuesday night - heaven knows I had slogged my arse off for that, and couldn't wait to leave the country for a nice long holiday. As I have done this already before, I'd called for the cab to pick me up at 445am, for my flight out to Chicago at 6am. The flight was peaceful, left on time and reached Chicago fairly early. I met up with one of my best friends who was also going to be joining me for the first half of the trip, he'd flown in from the Bay Area, and our flight to London left sharp at 9am.

The flight was peaceful, more booked than the one I took in May and arrived on time to a clear sky London.

Autumn hits the heart of London (taken next day morning)
The best part though was the landing. The difference between landing in Gatwick and Heathrow is so apparent. The planes that land in Gatwick go over the English green, and it's all so quiet and the plane lands. With Heathrow however, the planes go right over London. With a keen eye, you can spot everything - the Tower Bridge, London Eye and all the London trademark signs that are visible enough from 36000ft.

It's tough to describe, but something just takes over me when I am arriving London. My favourite Londoney songs are Headlock by Imogen Heap and a new one now, Spiralling by Keane. I turn them on as the plane lands, and it gets me feeling all Londoney right in time for arrival. Customs and Immigration was cool, the lady at Immigration was chatting with me after she saw my passport, and the visa stamp of that long city name in Wales.... very nice chatty lady!

My friend kept commenting on how the airport resembles airports in India, I enjoyed listening to his perspective as a first timer to the UK. We caught the Picadilly Line to Earl's Court and made our way to my home away from home, the Earl's Court YHA. The only disappointment this time was that we were given a basement room and an awful one at that. Not to mention that by the time we checked in - a few minutes past midnight, there were about 3-4 snorers, the beds didn't have bedlights and we had to do everything in the dark. Quite inconvenient, but I was quite tired and slept fairly soon.

I normally end all of my UK trip blogs' first entry with "I couldn't believe I'm in London again", but frankly this time, it felt more like "I couldn't believe I was home again". In the space of the last 5 years, UK trips have gone from novelty to luxury to now a pleasant routine for me, and I feel so thankful every time I walk through Earl's Court - the M&S, the Barclay's cash machine, the cheap Internet centre (50p for 30 minutes), the bylanes with tons of rsnts, etc.... it feels home. And I feel so lucky - to not only experience London again and again, but to reach a point where I can take the UK for granted, that it's MY place to visit whenever and wherever I want.

And here's my choon of the month, or year even:

Cos now I only see my dreams
In everything I touch
Feel their cold hands on
Everything that I love
Cold like some
Magnificant skyline
Out of my reach
But always
In my eyeline now

We're tumbling down
We're spiralling
Tied up to the ground
We're spiralling

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Outside Earls Court YHA on the ne…
Outside Earl's Court YHA on the n…
Autumn hits the heart of London (t…
Autumn hits the heart of London (…
photo by: ulysses