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It is 1.05 PM in Victoria Station, alone and frozen I wait for my little love sitting on my baggages while I see a lot of people trying to get into the closed station saying to the officer completely drunk "eqcussssshhhhh meeeii aaaaat whaataaa tiiiiime doeshhh the trainn leaavveshh", when suddenly... a little and cute girl with a green coat and a small hat appears on my left hand, she looks familiar to me but she is smaller than my girl ;)... but this smile... this way of walking... is sheeeeeee! Carolina!! we melt up in an unforgettable hugh followed by a neverend kiss. Weird feelings after the met up! ajajaja, it is so weird when you find someone you dont see for only 3 months and a half, her touch, her look, her taste... but it was such a nice feeling to feel her heat again, and wake up with her besides me makes me think that this trip is gonna be sooooo nice, besides the cold! jajaja.
London looks so beautifull at night something that took my attention is that almost all of the people are completely drunk at 21 pm O_o, maybe this is the drunks town! even those beautifull girls with those marvelous clothes! whaaaaaaat a pity maaan! jajaja.We had a lot of problems with our reservation (coz I couldnt call same morning) in Park Hotel, so stupid man was trying to convince us that we hadn't the reservation even with my confirmation email in front of his horrible nose... but we had no other option so we had to stay in a near hotel in Belgrave Road, it is very well situated so ... we can make the effort.... we only want to stay quiet together in a warm and private place with breakfast and a bathroom....
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Great! we have been walking and planning our ways to see the most we can the 6 days we are gonna stay in London. The weather is not bad at all and even the sky is blue xD. It is curious the way my dear was staring at the sky like completely surprised saying "it's blueee!! the sky is blueee!!!" (few days later I would understand why she was thinking that way lol). So we went out and we were so hungry that we couldn't resist going to an italian restaurant near our place, O'sole mio! (like one in our town in Las Palmas lol) ... I know... it is not very original... but when you are hungry........ TO HELL WITH ORIGINALITY! lol, ok... that was nice till they gave us the bill XD, 24 pounds for water and 2 pizzas.... (later we will realize it wasn't that bad for being in London). The anecdote of this meal was that one of the girls who were working there was from Telde, a city in our island lol... isn't the world small? Next we met with Tinin, one of my friends who is living in London and he showed us how to move in the metro using the card we bought for the whole week. He is so nice with us, even he let us an english cell for being always in contact! and... tonight flamenco party in his house! yohouuuuuuuu! ole ole ole!
photo by: ulysses