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It was great to have my brother and my parents coming over at the airport, everything went troubleless despite the fact that I got called by the security. They had opened my bag and found my pepper spray in my bag. So that was the moment when I said goodbye to my parents eventhough I could have stayed a bit longer in the main hall. So one thing I can at least say is that Quebec city airport does look promising, the previous time I was flying through it was all in repair. It is also really nice that there is more and more destination and possibility to fly from here, since the airport is about 25 minutes from home through country roads.

So I had to take a decision if I wanted to get my parents to collect the item from my bags as matter to keep it, well it was an hassle to run just for that. So I neverminded it and filled up the incident paper as required. They were proud of their catch, which made me thought little of it. After all that very same Pepper spray travelled through London Heathrow about 4 times, through Newark Liberty about 2 times, Through Detroit McNamara, through Montreal Dorval about 2 times, Through Brussels Airport about 4 times, Through Budapest Airport, as well as London-Stansted, Brno and Frankfurt. So let me laugh about these high security necessity.

The flight was troubleless to Detroit, I actually fell asleep for the first hour and luckily my awaiting time was not huge in Detroit. By the time I went through immigration, I had a couple of hours left. What amazed me was that there was 3 flight to Amsterdam, so I went to the earliest one (which was not the right one) and watched a movie on my lap top in the meantime.

I went through the gate at the last minute, afterall I still have about 20 hours of flying, so there is no rush. As usual, I picked the last row of seat in the plane, which was my first double deck plane. But besides that what a disappointment. Who would have known that such a big NWA plane would have no ammenities whatsoever. No screen tv on the seat, bleah!
And the style looked like an old plane from the 80s.

This time I did not do the same mistake than my last passage in Detroit and went around where my gate was and stayed there. I had time so I looked for an electric socket to plug my laptop, that revealed more difficult than it would seem. My flight to Amsterdam was departing around 5pm and so I did board it and reached my seat at the complete end, despite the fact that I was flying my first ever 2 story plane, the whole plane was a complete disappointment. Which is now totally not surprising from NWA as my experience with them has revealed mostly negative, the plane looked like it suddenly came out from the ‘80s, with no entertainment (the nearest TV was 10 rows forward), the nearest stewardess got annoying as I asked different drinks and such. So it was a flight where there is nothing more to do than try to sleep, so did I.


The food was not really good, but we were lucky enough to be served before we entered a hard turbulence zone. I had seen it coming through the window as the clouds were unexpectedly high in the sky. Besides that, it was just time to sleep and let the time fly until we reached Europe in the morning.

So for the whole flight there was not much left than trying to sleep, walking around and sleeping some more. I got my food at least, just before the turbulences started. So I could enjoy my meal while looked at that huge stormy cloud development through the window. Despite this being the roughest turbulence I had of all my flying history, I did not stress me at all.
I could talk a bit with my neighbours which were all Norvegians (not travelling together though), and was amazed by the bad service I received by the hostess. So nearly 9 hours later we finally arrived in Amsterdam! Just for a short stop though.
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photo by: vulindlela