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Ethiopian Scaffolding

So we left, and the flight went one without any particular incident. KLM was proving was better than NWA actually and we did have better food, better blankets and pillows and entertainment in our seat. So I watch some of the movies or slept for most of the length of the flight, without forgetting to have a glimpse through window. That allowed me to see the Austrian Alps, the Italian coast, the Libyan coast and then … the Sahara! I was sleeping and waking up to look to notice that vast brown area beneath with no life and just from time to time a difference in texture and physical relief. I think I even saw the Sudanese and Egyptian border, as I can’t see any other explanation for a sudden dark straight line appearing in the desert.


A few hours later, we landed in Khartoum which was definitely a peak in our journey.

Working Donkey in the Suburb of Addis
At first, the plane started going down as we saw the Nile and the greenness it brings to the shore. I even distinguished some square clay house as we were still in high altitude. Not long after the city of Khartoum bloomed under us from random square house to a few tower block (even a modern one) and then suddenly we landed on the airport strip. That was a great amazement, plenty of UN plane awaiting near the hangar, artillery cannons by the strip and at the beginning of it, the remains of 2 burned destroyed planes. We taxied around and change passengers at destination of Khartoum for some at destination Addis Ababa, refuelled and had the Sudanese worker came in to clean the plane.


We took off Khartoum while it was dark, so there was nothing interesting to see anymore until we landed.

Outskirt of Addis
Then the process of immigration was no hassle except for the fact that the queues were anarchic. We collected our bags and strangely had to go through another screening before walking out the airport (!?), as it was stated that any foreign currency was not allowed, I took my money belt in my pocket instead of letting it in my bag just in case (as it is none of their fucking business which money I have).


Once out, we had to look for Tefarra through the whole crowd picking up passengers, after passing twice looking at the signs, I noticed him and we greeted each other. We walked out to his car and start driving, my first sight of Addis Ababa, by night! We drove on a fairly large road (the ring road) in direction of the city smelling the burned coal used in heating, and that was surprising, it was really cold!


Underneath the viaducts and bridge there was crowd of people sticking along together to sleep, not long after we arrived at our hotel: Panorama Hotel.

Artillery Canon by the Tarmac at Khartoum Airport
Not long after, we stepped out again for a night tour of the city, Tefarra took us by car along the main roads, the main offices building and all the such were I got a view on both the lifestyle and poverty to the extreme richness of the Sheraton Hotel where 5000$/night can rent you a tiny villa on their estate. Walking along the Sheraton estate gave you the wrong impression that you were actually in Monaco.


On the way back, we bought a sandwich by a tiny shop (not the tastiest thing, but ok) and went back to the hotel. Tefarra left us there and specified we had access to the Internet from our room, so we definitely rushed to our laptop and I had the chance to write some email and talk to Megan! That was great. After some hours, I felt asleep exhausted.


July 23


We slept most of the morning and around noon Tefarra came to pick us, although his baby daughter was sick and he couldn’t put his mind at something else.

Khartoum Airport Workers
So we said that he probably should deal with her before even spending the time with and suggested he take her to the hospital immediately instead of delaying it. So we drove to his house and then picked the mother and daughter before heading downtown to the hospital. In the meantime, he left us to a snack bar where I had some sort of home made pasta but I was not extremely hungry to be finishing my plate. We walked around the snack-bar still making sure to not end up too far as we didn’t know when Tefarra would pick us up, neither knew where we are or the local customs. As the only white person in the whole street (and so far and remaining as such, the whole day) we weren’t sure either of ourselves.


Again, we drove around for the whole day seeing different part of the city and of the life of the city but with not landmark or map we couldn’t really know where we were standing at.

Landing in Sudan
We drove through wide paved road with wild traffic, through side suburban dirt road with huge pot holes and rocks passed by donkeys and horse cart. We passed next to office buildings, shacky selling stands made of iron, people begging or people selling rubbish stuff along the road and construction site wrapped by strange scaffolding.


Later during the afternoon, we went to visit a compound house for rent, it looked fine. The price is huge though, especially as everything comes out our own pocket. We also passed by the office to discuss about it and as no other clear options were showing up and that this house was at walking distance from the office we decided to go for it.


So our rent is going to be 6000Birr a month and we have to pay the first two months, to that we have to had a 1000Birr to the broker.

A stormy sudden rain in Addis Rain Season
We will have to go exchange our money, that total (13000Birr) is actually equivalent to 1300$ ishh. We went to pick his wife back at the hospital and on the way he left us at Zebra, a restaurant on Mickey Leland Road not too far from our hotel. There was more expats there then we walked back by night to the hotel before spending time on the computer.


July 24


Once I got up we did the walk to the bank to exchange our money, that was sad to see going especially that we lose with the rate (and we lose twice as we needed to change to Dollar or Euro and now change those to Birr). We brought that huge amount back to the hotel before Tefarra picked us up.

Afternoon Stormy Rain in Central Addis
As the day was already well advanced we would be staying at the hotel tonight again.


We drove around the city again and looked for a restaurant, the one we found was way far from our hotel so we passed by Zebra Grill again and first went to the Toronto Café. The sad thing was that once looking at the menu and trying to order, there was no chicken available, there was no beef available, the pizzas where not available, then I turned myself to the only seemingly vegetarian meal, it was not available. Basically nothing in the menu was available (or a very limited choice). So we simply left and crossed the street back to Zebra Grill. We ordered something and while we were to finish the block went in black-out. It took us ages before we got the bills and luckily we noticed while we walked out that the blackout was pretty limited.

Stormy Rain flooding in Addis Ababa (by Stadium)
I must admit  that I did not feel threatened while walking at night in the area.


The amazement were pretty of mixed feeling, seeing the extreme poverty or dismembered people sometimes makes me pretty sad or give me a frisk. I definitely can not say that it is a joyful view, you can’t do anything for them and I definitely can’t afford feeding them or giving them my money. So even for the children or any beggars you simply learn to walk through and not even pay attention to them, even if they insist. At some point it hurts, at other moments it brings frustration I am not sure how I will always cope with it.


The frustration also holds on the fact that the cost of things (food particularly) is extremely expensive, even me can’t really afford it with my westerners incomes (westerners of expats saying differently are actually holding position where their incomes is taking care of by their government, so people that would have no self idea of what money is).

Rain Season flooding in Addis Ababa (by Stadium)
So you know as well that when you enter a shop or a restaurant, the price just went up. So I personally have to care about myself and especially about on what I will be living on once I am back in Canada. This will certainly a reason to become heartless in face of the poverty.


July 25


Today we will be moving into our house. Tefarra came in the morning and we checked out of the hotel, paying that bill was again a hard chunk to swallow. We drove to the house to drop our bags in a secured room while the past tenants would move out later that day, and obviously to their look they would not move until the very last minute.

Colin and Me in our living room


We spent part of the afternoon at the office and finally went for a meal (I was starving as it was already the afternoon) at a Middle-East restaurant facing the office. Right after that we drove around again, Tefarra going from different office to others trying to solve his phone problem, also going to the City Hall where I will be working a lot.


As we entered different offices or drove by embassy or ‘richer’ district of ‘important’ people, as well as when we went to the bank, what stroke me was the guards, not always in ‘proper’ uniform, holding kalachnikov and coming to path you down and look at your bag.

Colin and Me in our living room
It feels annoying and I don’t like having to show my things to random people like that.


It is only by dusk that we could get into the house and move our bags in, it was not long at home (as they were still cleaning) before that Tefarra picked us back for a night out and dinner at a traditionnal Ethiopian restaurant. That was great, sitting on low rise chair facing a typical table in a hut. There was music, dancers and singers, we had local beers before the food arrive. It was a large, pancake alike soft bread where all the food is put on. You get another rolled such bread and use that to pick up the food to your mouth. It was tasty actually, I did like it despite the fact that sometimes the bread was salty or sour. One traditional thing beforehand and after was that they come with hot water and soap and you can wash your hand as they pour the water on your hands.

LaGar (the old Train Station building) linking to Djibouti (disused)


After the restaurant, I was extremely sleepy. I was sleepy the whole day as I spent nearly the whole night on the Internet as my last opportunity to talk long and about many subjects with Megan. I can say that she makes me smile and make me see positive again. The conversation we had went from feelings and different things, sometimes sad and unsure of ourselves but also trying to resolve any problem and idea we might have. I won’t detail it too much, but I can definitely say that I am getting very much in love with her and I look forward to be with her. But sometimes my feelings tries to fight it as matter to not be hurt again as I used to be previously, through refusing to admit it might go or trying to make myself not so much of a nice person. We talked about that, my feelings will probably jump a lot on the coming months from positive love to fearing doubts, what I would write here about us would only be reflecting on what pole mood I am at the moment.

Me along Churchill Avenue


We ended up going to a lounge bar and I had a drink there, I got to talk to a guy and exchange our number and also to Americans that were in town as tourists. Although when Tefarra was ready to leave we left too despite being at discussion with them as otherwise we don’t know where we were.


Back at the house, the disappointment came when we noticed all the bugs on the wall. Most of them dying from the product (smelling really hard) that the landlord has put around but it is definite that we will have to do something about it. The main bugs we have were in the bathroom and are the prehistoric style humid environment kind of cloporte bug.

Me on my first few days in Africa (at Panorama Hotel)
I took my Deet and sprayed it hard everywhere and on them, which will have revealed effective the next day. I decided to sleep on the couch as it was more ‘safe �" as clean off bugs’. The other disappointment was that we would have to pay for the gas and that our actual cupboard for clothes is mildewed.


As we don’t have Internet either L, we had nothing more to do than unpacking a bit and get to sleep. We have satellite TV though.


July 26


Lone Saturday on our own, the bugs mainly died but it is disgusting to clean, our bread went mildewed too so we wouldn’t have anything to eat unless we go out (well we have nothing at all in the house either).

Our CUI office building along Ethio-China Friendship Road (Tebaber Berta Business Centre)


We only walked out of the house in the afternoon (Colin did a tour in the morning though, I slept). We walked along Ethio-China Friendship Avenue and Bole road in the area where we live, looking at the price in different supermarket. We reached NY Café and went to eat in for a pizza, what got annoying is that the waiter surcharged us and we had to argue, even if we paid 10Birr less it was still above what was the real price. We definitely will need to take care and watch our receipt everytime.


On the way back it was raining hard and a short blackout affected the area, we stopped to buy some goods for tomorrow and especially toilet paper.

A view on our house from the gate


The usual, being noticed as the white person (although there were some in NY café, it is easy to notice the actual expats places) and being begged and paying huge hurtful amount for what we obtained.

I actually also got pretty mad at the Canadian Government, which sent us there without any support or actual care. The CIDA just sent interns like that while they have to absorb the cost for the plane ticket, the housing, the huge inflation, losing our own money on the currency exchange rates. I definitely decided that I will refused to make any promotion for the CIDA and government, what actually if we get robbed, it is my computer that I needed to bring for work. It is my own money that I need to provide in advance for all my cost, it is my future that I put at risk for when I will step back in Canada, homeless and penniless.

Access road to our house
How is this tolerable, especially when you know that the subvention given to any interns are the same. Which means that interns going to Cuba won’t have high price flight tickets, high price vaccinations and all the such. CIDA has revealed to be a shameful organization, there is no way their name appear on my report, and actually fuck them. They should have managed accommodation for us, especially on the first days. There is no reason for us to be forced to pay hotel expenses to then after path their back.


July 27


We left only late during the day to have a long walk, we walked on the other direction on Ethio-China and arrived to the construction site, where they basically build the southern side of the Ring.

Afternoon Flooding Rain in Addis Ababa
That construction is done by a Chinese company, so there were a few Chinese builder yelling at an Ethiopian. The funny thing is that the Ethiopian probably thought I was from the office or so (which is European). Anyway, as usual I am being noticed quickly and the eyes are most of the time on me while I was around.


We decided to continue to try to get to Bole Road, although we walked long and ended up on the Ring instead and had to walk even longer to try to find where we were and not get lost any much more. We got caught by the rain and had to shelter for a bit and then continued our way until we saw the airport. We had not eaten anything the whole day (as we do not have much to eat nor the money to spend on it) and definitely needed the strength and a drink so we stopped by Kaldi’s on Bole.

Churchill Avenue - Central Addis
Kaldi is a Starbuck imitation, it has the same sign and colours which is pretty funny. Then we continued our way to be back home by the darkfall after having stopped at some grocery store.


July 28


Office day, we walked there but everyone was late so we waited by the lobby. We basically had an orientation discussion, which I don’t think was complete.


Dinner came quick, so we ate by the middle east restaurant again.

Colin along our House Access Road
On my side, I was getting pretty tired so they dropped me back home and I fell asleep for most of the evening. Only later by the evening did we walk out to find Internet around the corner. Basically just in a tiny tin iron leaf shack with two computers that were horribly slow. But at least, with some times we did manage to read our email. I needed that.


About the weather, the temperature does get cold in the night most of the time. So you are happy to have a warm blanket. During the day, it is now the rainy season so it rains pretty hard in the morning. Around the rush hour basically and again during the evening rush hour at dusk. The midday is either cloudy, sunny, sometimes warm sometimes more chill. So you never know when to wear your jacket or not.


The daylight is a straight 12 hours and that is it, from 6am to 6pm then it is dark again.

Canadian Urban Institute Office - Addis Ababa branch
So that explains why it does get colder quick. The street lighting is not too bad and the main streets are lighten. Although the side ones are often not, one thing for sure that I noticed is that you do not throw yourself in front of a car at night. They don’t see you… and do not stop anyway.



July 29


Today we woke up and Teferra came to the house where we looked at the condition of the flat. We had already had an hour to discuss with our landlord family who showed up really good.

Lion of Juda along Churchill Avenue
We didn’t know how to approach some of the issues with the flat and wanted to talk with Teferra first, as we were hoping to not create any tension or cultural shock. It seems we were wrong as they were really coming to make sure we were all comfortable and alright. Nonetheless to say that our landlady did also bring us some local traditional bread one of the past days, which was really tasty.


So once that has been solved, basically the cupboard will be somehow fixed in part as best as it is possible. While an exterminator is suppose to come to spray the compound. Luckily it should be efficient enough to help up get rid of those crawling insect.


After this we headed to Merkato, the big market in the north of the city to buy stuff at cheap price.

Non-covered Rain Drainage along Ethio-China Friendship Avenue
At first, we went to look for a mobile for Colin. While shopping for it, we ended up finding a Ipod at 35$. Definitely, I have to go back there some of those days and get it. Merkato is an eclectic place. Obviously I was the only white person. The ‘Faranji’, as I am being called or where I hear many of the shop attendant or people yelling while I pass by. Basically they are calling me, or calling the whole surrounding people to warn that a ‘white foreigner’ is there. Also, it might seem to simply be the first word that comes to their mouth out of surprise. I also got to improve my few Amharic words learned in the past days or asked now to Tefarra. On the way to Merkato, while a child selling things came to the window of the car and asked us to buy stuff and then me, I answered in Amharic and he suddenly said: ‘Oh that Faranji is Amharic’. That made Tefarra laugh..


Merkato is huge, when I say huge, imagine a mighty huge market and double it.

View from our office - Wollo Sefer
Many streets where cars and buses pass with shops by the side, and people before of them spreading the things they sell on the floor, add to that people walking with the things they try to sell and the buyers or passer by and you might get an idea. It is said that you can find anything in Merkato, from Camel to Kalaschnikov. We haven’t look for that but I would believe it. The different goods you can buy are all in different part of the market, so we went to the ones we needed. We also cut through the tiny pedestrian alley in between the streets, which are wide enough for a man, dark and filled with goods.


We bought ourselves some cleaning products, blankets and sheets. I love my blanket and bedsheets, hand made Ethiopian ones. Of course this cost us way more than I wish but well.

View from Panorama Hotel


We also had a meal there and it is later by the afternoon that we left with our stuff to go directly to our old hotel as there was a meeting organized there which we would assist. People were late, so we used the computer of the hotel to get over the net, that was welcome. About the meeting per se, it was in Amharic, so it became a bit dull and I had to entertain myself with the look of the listeners… and it was long!


We got drop back home after that, had some pasta cooked really cheaply (with an egg… just basically throwing what we had) while watching one of the movie on MBC 2, the Arabic movie channel we  have and sleep.

Kids playing on Meskal Square


July 30


I woke up by the rain, so because it was a hard one the exterminator would not come today. We waited for a while but decided to leave as we planned to go to register at our embassy today.


We walked the whole way but got a bit lost so it took us longer.

Field Visit: GTZ & AA Government Condominium Development Project
The main feature was that in some district that we crossed, all the kid were coming to try to shake my hand, which I did by continuing walking; or all saying hello.


The arrival to the embassy was an unsurprisingly bad thing. They were closed! We walked 2 hours to reach there and they are only opened 4 hours a day. Bunch of fucking lazy bugger, I hate them. Colin got their phone number and call and claim he wanted to get in, they did so, for so we register. But the entrance of the embassy compound was rubbish and the service we received was appalling and shameful. Even one of the rare white worker just passed next to us without even bothering looking at us. This ambassador and  obviously every one representing Canada there should be ashame of themselves. They are there to offer services, work, meet us and give a good image to anyone… not get some cheap free vacation in their bunkerised villa looking at their big garden and tennis court.

School building by the GTZ Condominium Project


We were both mad at that, and obviously we will never get back in there.


We stopped by the nearest Kaldi to eat and had a nice breakfast before heading out toward town getting into our first blue donkey (the minibuses) which was a nice and fair ride. Once we reached Mexico Square and started walking the rain didn’t wait long to show up. So we were stuck for a moment while the street were slightly flood by the heavy rain. When it slowed we walked all the way to Bole and further to the Internet café, then to the grocery and home to relax.


I thought my computer would die, as it made strange sound and the mouse was refusing to respond while I was writing this.

Field Visit: GTZ & AA Government Condominium Development Project - Actual Situation
I wish it won’t be the case!


July 31


Farewell to the bugs!

The exterminator came this morning and started to spray the house and the compound, so with luck we won’t have our friends anymore with us after that. Because of that we got up and left to the office to do some literature reading, that has been mainly the day.


By August we should be all settled!

August 1 - 2

The days were basic, we simply went out to the office and then bought some food.
Field Visit: GTZ & AA Government Condominium Development Project

As usual, I have no remembrance of what happened - when. So as usual I give up on writting down a blog and all details that comes with it. And as the days and daily life gets pretty day to day things it is also a bit boring to write down.
Hence, I will now pass over the useless days (where I most likely woke up and worked on my computer, either at the office or at home; or possibly walked to the supermarket to get some food - usually along Africa/Bole Avenue or at Wolo Sefer to buy some vegetales at the corner fruit stand.)

This Friday Andrew, one of the manager of the Toronto office was arriving for some days in Addis. We set some meeting and appointment to be done next week with Government officials regarding the project and the office here. Despite this we weren't really sure what was going out about us. Finally we ended up not going to any of those meetings, so the following week we simply continued our reading.

The bad news for me is that my computer died, first it simply made a blue screen.
Field Visit: GTZ & AA Government Condominium Development Project - Shop Ownership
Then a 'No Disc' screen. I pressed on the plastic and it went back ok... to simply give me another blue screen a bit later and tell me that Windows was broken on a black screen. !Why oh Why!
I don't have the disc with me and have nothing I could really do about it. My frustration and disappointment level went up. Internet was already crap to communicate, now without even a computer... what the hell am I doing here actually.
Later over the week end and the following week (as I think it actually died in mid-week) around the 5th I think, it went even more bad as it would only give me the Compaq screen then followed by a loud beep.
I both wanted to lie down and cry.

August 3
This Sunday, Tefarra came to pick us up and we went to his place on the outskirt to have dinner with his family, Solomon and Andrew. The food was great and delicious and we even got some as a doggie bag to bring home. A bit like in Poland, when they cook and put food on the table, there is plenty of it.
Field Visit: GTZ & AA Government Condominium Development Project
And luckily the vegetarian choice was there!

August 4-5-6-7

Besides what I said previously regarding my computer, not much did actually happen during those days, we had a meeting with Andrew on his last day before he left, were we talked about the project, the office and the working condition. With a bit of hope we did get tips on how to communicate with the outside world. I immediately transfered that to Megan, as it seemed that one the cheapest way to talk is if the person by calling card for Africa. Megan did so for later on the week end, but from Portland it was a disappointment in term of cost/lenght relation.

On Thursday, I actually stayed home and didn't do much. I was tired and mainly bored. I have no computer and the only thing I can do at the office is look at the plant get dust on. Pretty boring, I am sometimes getting pretty angry and mad at the situation and in complete despair.

We at least did some leisure moment, we actually went to Cinema. We wanted to go to see the Dark Night at Edna Mall cinema on Tuesday but on last minute they did change their schedule.
Field Visit: GTZ & AA Government Condominium Development Project - In need of Solid Waste Management
So we were too late for it and as we did the walk till there and the price is actually only 20Birr for a movie on week day (which is 2$) we went to see the X-Files. That was a bad mistake, such a bad movie... but for the price it is not much of a deal. What we did is going back to the cinema the following day and finally did see the Dark Night, which was quite an amazing movie. Luckily we did see it this time, despite the fact that they had changed the viewing schedule again.

August 8

There was a CS meeting organised today, so we went there after work. We arrived a few minutes late as we walked the whole way from the office to the Limetree on Bole Road. It was pretty cool, there was a good bunch of people actually and some of them were locals. I ended up mainly talking with the person who organised it, Maski who is Ethiopian but living in Montreal... although she has been travelling constantly over Africa for the past year. Later on, I talked with another guy (Pierre, whom I would learn later on that he is a GIS consultant) and we talked about my computer and would meet to look at it a bit later.
Field Visit: By Teikle Heimanot

Limetree is a ice eating place, they offer free wifi internet (of course slow) and some pretty decent food. It is on Bole Road just off the Friendship area and full of Faranji, which also means that there is plenty of beggars awaiting you when you step out of the building. The food is pretty decent and fresh, hence it is packed with foreigners at dinner time. I have to admit that the Shake and Smoothies are sooo delicious.

August 9-10-11-12

A calm week end, hmmm no remembrance. Cleaning some bit of the flat I suppose.

On Monday, I went to meet with Pierre at Limetree and we dismantled my computer as matter to put my hard-drive into a reader, so that I could see if it still worked. It did and all my data were still there and could be retrieve. Pierre leaned me one of his lap-top and I spent the following day taking all my data out and then moving them into my other portable hard-drive.

August 13-14-15

I met again with Pierre later this week and started to reboot and reformat my lap top with a new windows.
Field Visit: Teikle Heimanot Slum (Sustainable Street Paving Initiative)
I worked, Windows kicked in... although the Beep did still appear from time to time. Which I have no idea what causes it, maybe the mouse of key board? Since the mouse sometimes gets frozen on the upper left corner of the screen. However, my processor work and my computer is back alive... but I have no driver nor useful elements on it. I tried to contact my parents about a zillion times to get them to send my recovery cds over, through Laura our new interns coming the following week. But it took my ages and thought it would be too late to do so.

On the 14th, we met with one of the past interns at CUI, Robin, who now works with CIDA office at the Embassy. We had a short talk and decided to meet for a party that Friday. We got invited at a FAO/UN compound for a tiny house party on Friday night.

Friday, I spent some hours at work in the morning before we headed out on Bole to meet with Maski before going all north to Entoto Market in the upper outskirt of the city towards Entoto.
Field Visit: Teikle Heimanot Slum (Remaining Heritage Building)
We were planning to buy some traditionnal clothings and were told that they had good choice and good price there. Obviously Colin and me wanted to be with an Ethiopian to make sure we would get the good deal.

After walking from selling stand to stand we ended up in a shop that had what we were looking for. I bought a traditionnal dress for Megan, a dress which I think can be used as a gown for my mother and a tiny scarf. I saw a wonderful T-Shirt earlier which I planned to buy for my brother but it couldn't find the stand anymore on the way back, so they presumably closed in the meantime (we stood in the shop for a long time to get the right size and await for the rain to stop).
On another shop, I bought a male gown and Colin bought a great thick Cotton blanket. All this cost me about 450Birr, which is a great deal as one piece of what we bought would have cost us that price along Churchill Avenue.

Back home, we had some meal and later in the night prepared to go to the party with Robin.
Field Visit: Teikle Heimanot Slum (Drainage Management)

Most obviously a UN worker in Addis has a completely different lifestyle then us, crappy poor NGO interns. We drove there by taxi (the blue lada) and our first sight was a clean compound, with UN truck parked in front and then some other cars with CD (Car Diplomatic) license plate.
We had a few drinks before getting into one Land Rover Discovery and drive around Addis enjoying a few beers while doing so towards the Jazz club at the end of Bole Road (Harlem Jazz). I felt completely posh, you ride in a party mood in a classy Rover in the street of Addis Ababa where people just sleep on pavement.
This is a fucked up world.

Harlem Jazz is a great place, I got offered some more drinks (after all, the FAO workers can afford it easily) and the live music was great. The place was not that packed despite the fact that it is suppose to be hugely popular but there was enough people.
After several hours of listening to the music and drinking some more we headed back in the car to a French Bar (owned by a French) somewhere else in town (by then I had lost any track of where we were).
Field Visit: Merkato Slums (through the car as we don't stop)

Hmm dumbly, the conversation turned into politics... might I point out that we are quite a bunch of Canadian (including the UN workers) but I am the only one originating from a specific province. Well they questionned me about it. I actually don't care but I got tested.
It pissed me off.
So I drank more anyway. Later on the rain came back, actually we can say the early morning was approaching. The UN guy simply left on his side, so we had to get a taxi back. Then the sleeping time remained for most of the day as I could feel the dizziness of the alcohol not being too welcomed. Luckily I didn't get sick.

August 14-15

I spent Sunday at the office using the computer and talking to Megan a bit before she left for a week at her family farm, as then I would not be able to hear from her.

August 16-17-18

On the previous week, we had some meeting with Tefarra and Ileni at our office and discussed some bits and pieces of the project. That continued this week. Although I got lost off it pretty quickly.
Overview of Meskal Square

I kept on doing my literature review anyway.
And we also made sure we would get enough food, a clean flat and what else as on the 19th, Laura was arriving in Addis Ababa. We also talked with Robel (the son of our landlord) and got a third bed in the house.

That is it for this day, I will enter more details about the following time on another entry. Actually, this is now the celebration of our first month in Addis Ababa, and it keeps being full or up and down.
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Stormy Rain flooding in Addis Abab…
Stormy Rain flooding in Addis Aba…
Rain Season flooding in Addis Abab…
Rain Season flooding in Addis Aba…
Colin and Me in our living room
Colin and Me in our living room
Colin and Me in our living room
Colin and Me in our living room
LaGar (the old Train Station build…
LaGar (the old Train Station buil…
Me along Churchill Avenue
Me along Churchill Avenue
Me on my first few days in Africa …
Me on my first few days in Africa…
Our CUI office building along Ethi…
Our CUI office building along Eth…
A view on our house from the gate
A view on our house from the gate
Access road to our house
Access road to our house
Afternoon Flooding Rain in Addis A…
Afternoon Flooding Rain in Addis …
Churchill Avenue - Central Addis
Churchill Avenue - Central Addis
Colin along our House Access Road
Colin along our House Access Road
Canadian Urban Institute Office - …
Canadian Urban Institute Office -…
Lion of Juda along Churchill Avenue
Lion of Juda along Churchill Avenue
Non-covered Rain Drainage along Et…
Non-covered Rain Drainage along E…
View from our office - Wollo Sefer
View from our office - Wollo Sefer
View from Panorama Hotel
View from Panorama Hotel
Kids playing on Meskal Square
Kids playing on Meskal Square
Field Visit: GTZ & AA Government C…
Field Visit: GTZ & AA Government …
School building by the GTZ Condomi…
School building by the GTZ Condom…
Field Visit: GTZ & AA Government C…
Field Visit: GTZ & AA Government …
Field Visit: GTZ & AA Government C…
Field Visit: GTZ & AA Government …
Field Visit: GTZ & AA Government C…
Field Visit: GTZ & AA Government …
Field Visit: GTZ & AA Government C…
Field Visit: GTZ & AA Government …
Field Visit: GTZ & AA Government C…
Field Visit: GTZ & AA Government …
Field Visit: By Teikle Heimanot
Field Visit: By Teikle Heimanot
Field Visit: Teikle Heimanot Slum …
Field Visit: Teikle Heimanot Slum…
Field Visit: Teikle Heimanot Slum …
Field Visit: Teikle Heimanot Slum…
Field Visit: Teikle Heimanot Slum …
Field Visit: Teikle Heimanot Slum…
Field Visit: Merkato Slums (throug…
Field Visit: Merkato Slums (throu…
Overview of Meskal Square
Overview of Meskal Square
Traffic Police Stand by Meskal Squ…
Traffic Police Stand by Meskal Sq…
Ethiopian Military Jeep - off Olym…
Ethiopian Military Jeep - off Oly…
Slight Rain off Bole Road
Slight Rain off Bole Road
Addis Ababa Hostels review
Decent Mid-Range Accommodation with Great Service in Addis
We stayed for our first 3 days in that hotel, the wireless Internet offered in the rooms was really fast, reliable and great. For this reason (the fac… read entire review
Addis Ababa
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