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July 20

Ahhh a short day back in my hometown. I had way lot to pack and some more things to get in the markets. So I had to drive out to go to the next village to shop a bit and otherwise I was attempting to enjoy the luxury of the television and decent canadian food.

Of course I spent a lot of times on the Internet too, maybe a bit late actually. I talked with Megan on the phone too, which would not be happening often in the coming months. :\

So tomorrow is the big departure!

How will it be, that is a big wonder!

July 21

I had to wake up early in matter to catch my flight, that was revealing a bit rough as I stayed up late to try to pack my bags correctly and have all needed stuff but also to spend time on Skype with Megan. A shower and a bit of food later it was already pass 9am so I definitely needed to rush to the airport, luckily Quebec city Airport is not that far away. We brought my suitcase into the car and started to drive away, my last goodbye to home this year. Despite that I am actually leaving for a new sort of adventure in a far away place and a new continent. I would have gladly handled several days more in the comfort of my parents house, with the right food, meeting my friends and enjoying the amenities we have. So I still felt some disappointment on going away in such a rush. The fact that this working journey actually cost me way more than expected and that without knowing it, I entered an internship full of unknown and where nearly everything comes from my pocket without any back-up and actual real support as managed to be the worst surprise.


We arrived at the airport and went to park, as usual, everytime I am home or that my parents drives me to an airport, there is some tension going on which pisses me off. Anyhow, my brother came to meet me there and that was a great surprised. I checked in my bag (which luckily the option to only check one bag despite the fact that I was 3kilos overweight) without having to take my other one out. Afterall, if the airline didn’t change its baggage policy I would still be way under the usual weight, but nope they reduced the weight restriction from 32k to 23k.


Once that was done, I was not in a hurry to cross the security as Quebec city airport still remains quite an outback size location. Eventhough the new airport is not yet completely finished, it does look a bit promising and luckily there won’t be any stupid restrictive action added at a later time (it is Quebec city afterall, a nowhere non-important location). We went on the upstairs part to sit down and have a donut at Tim Hortons and I spent the time to open my lap top to use the free Wifi the airport is offering. Suddenly, I was called on to report to security although I should still have had enough time to get to my gate. So it was time to go and I made my farewell to my parents and brother whom I would not see till next year before going to the ‘way-too tight security’ for that airport (like if anything would ever happen, let me laugh). I ask for what reason I was called and then got to know why, they opened my checked-in and found my pepper spray which I was not allowed to carry. It was not such a big deal though as they were asking what I wanted to do with it. I didn’t feel like it was worth to run after my parents to give it so I said to throw it away. I found it a bit dumb that they were proud in ‘their catch’ while I stated that this very same pepper spray traveled previously through Heathrow, Budapest, Detroit, Newark, Dorval, Stansted, Brussels-Zaventem, Frankfurt-Hahn airports without none of them caring.


But well, I was into checked in now, so what else to do than going to sit by my gate. I did so and took the time to call and talk to Megan for the last 10 minutes I had before passing my gate. The flight to Detroit went fine, I slept for a huge part of it and we did have a few troubleless turbulences and with no time we were in Detroit. Immigration process was again a no big deal but the custom queue was so huge. I did manage after a while to find the shortest one and go through before saying goodbye to my suitcase at the conveyor belt and pass security.
monkeymia79 says:
Congratulation on the featured blog post, I hope the rest of your trip went well.
Posted on: Mar 08, 2016
Paulovic says:
Congrats on the featured blog!
Posted on: Mar 08, 2016
EmEm says:
congrats on being featured
Posted on: Mar 08, 2016
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