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Lauro contemplating his over-salted meal.

After lunch in Lisbon we were on our way to our final destination, somewhere nice and quiet and natural in the Algarve. After researching the day before, we knew those locations existed, it was just finding them that was going to be the issue.Unfortunately buy the time we left Lisbon, it was about 3pm already. We weren't too sure of how far away it was but guestimated about 3 hours. Well shit were we wrong, by the time we were in sight of Lagos it was nearly 8pm and we still hadn't found anywhere to stay the night. We pulled over into a fuel station and tried to decide what to do next. Everyone was tired, hungry and frustrated.

Alex with his sangria and all that poisonous fruit!!
The full day drive back to northern Spain loomed in the back of our minds and we realised we just couldn't make it from here, Ben physically and mentally couldn't do it. We called Bondy in England to google some nearby hostels/camping grounds but that search turned up nothing. It was decided we'd pull onto some secondary roads, and drive back north along the coast until the sky got dark. I saw a town about an hour south Lisbon on the coast called Sines on the map and said, let's make this our destination. I have to say, for how aggrevated we all felt, no one snapped at anyone, and everyone agreed on driving north. I was one of the most depressing things, being within 10minutes of Lagos, and simply turning around.
Ben enjoying his salty hunk of meat.
The trip had ran so smoothly, it didn't come as much of a suprise that we'd get tripped up somewhere.

Our frustration and anger was soon lightened by a mix cd Lauro put on, which was some punk band ripping off popular songs. My god it was hilarious. Some blokes sitting around in their living room, screaming 'I'm not that INNOCENT!' in a rip-off to Britney Spears's 'Oops I did it again' had never been so funny and we enjoyed the rest of the rip offs that followed. The drive itself was beautiful. We were off the motorway and following roads that wound their way up and down hills. One moment you were looking down on some picturesque village and the next moment you'd come down into the valley to drive through it. We all seemed to relax, take in the views, listen to the crazy music, and just followed the setting sun.

Alex getting attacked.. no doubt due to a Mr Hanky joke.

By the time we reached Sines it was after 10pm and dark. Our first task was to find a cheap hotel/hostel so that we could get Ben a room so he'd get a good night sleep. Poor bugger was exhausted from driving around all day and that's all he had to look forward to the next day. The road along the waterfront though was blocked off.. It appeared there was some fair or festival going on. This got us a little excited, so driving up the hill to the town centre we looked for a hotel with renewed excitement, just so we could get down to this fair. Another example of Portugese hospitality, which we really needed by this stage. We pulled over near a cafe where some people were chilling out, and attempted to communicate that we were looking for a hotel. It seemed we weren't having any luck so after our obrigattos, we drove on in search, there had to be something! After 5 minutes however, we noticed that a black car behind us was trying flag us down. Shit, we thought, now we're gunna get mugged. It was the ladies from the cafe however!! They'd realised what we were looking for, and indicated that we follow them. We followed and got taken to a hotel. Lori and Lauro got out to make enquiries and came back, having found a cheaper hotel. So we booked Ben in, put some of our bags and crap in his room, used the hotel bathrooms and enquired about the festival. The receptionist who spoke some English told us it was a food festival!! Just what we were after =D From there we made our way down to the festival.

Sines is a beautiful town, set upon the hillside, overlooking the waterfront and harbour. At night, with the lights twinkling and most of the town down at the food festival it was stunning. Music reached our ears and we were shocked and happy to hear the coverband was singing some awesome rock songs. Counting Crows, Motorhead - we were exactly where we needed to be. We strolled among the different stalls and bars, taking in the smells and sights. It was a warm night and the wind had dropped. Unfortunately, as I find in most of Europe, it's very hard to get anything vegetarian. It didn't spoil my mood as I simply ordered a small bowl of fries to soak up the next 6 glasses of Sangria I was about to consume. Omg, the Sangria was beautiful!! Full of fresh, alcohol sodden fruit and delicious red wines. The guy behind the stall where we were buying our Sangria was Portugese but had been raised in England so it was great to chat to him, he was very nice, even posing for a picture, which i'll upload once I've stoled in from Lori ;)

After a few jugs of Sangria, we sent Ben to bed and Lauro followed, as he too was tired. Lori, Ruby, Alex & I however went for a stroll and play along the beach. We had fun writing stuff in the sand, I decided to go for a wade in the water as I often drunkenly do. It was all good fun. Eventually we decided to head back up to the car, stopping along the way for me to play with a gecko. I was a bit intoxicated. The boys wouldn't eat the fruit in their sangria so i ate it for them! We stopped into the hotel again, they kindly let us use their bathroom and then returned to the car. The Sangria, plus the fully flat backseat made for a great nights sleep. It was a pity we were going to be up early the next morning for our long trip, back to Cedeira. But overall, we'd had the best times, that night in Sines.


hannah-lou says:
Portugal reunion anyone?
Posted on: Jun 11, 2016
hannah-lou says:
I didn't just have one jug.. remember Alex.. and i ate all your fruit coz your a typical boy =P
Posted on: Aug 02, 2008
robbo_88 says:
hey whats this, i actually stole most of your jug of sangria because you so cadbury ha ha and then ate the fruit.... gee.
Posted on: Jul 31, 2008
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Lauro contemplating his over-salte…
Lauro contemplating his over-salt…
Alex with his sangria and all that…
Alex with his sangria and all tha…
Ben enjoying his salty hunk of mea…
Ben enjoying his salty hunk of me…
Alex getting attacked.. no doubt d…
Alex getting attacked.. no doubt …
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