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The next morning I woke a few times rather groggy from the previous nights Sangria. That's when we realised it was about 7am and we'd planned to leave at about 6!! Where was Ben?? Well he slept in and didn't realise the time, so we had to haul his ass down asap. He jumped in the car, and with a fond farewell we left our little treasure town of Sines. We all mumbled on about how we'd definitely be back there some day. 7pm was the latest we could have our beast back to Ferrol. And we had to get it there in one piece. We drove for quite some time, before stopping at a services for breakfast. Unfortunately for me, there was nothing tasty/meat free. I bought a bag of chips, a bag of maltesers and the best choc milk I've had since Choc Chills! Real healthy!

It was a long, long trip back to Cedeira, including a funny incident where Ben went through another tolls booth that was meant for tagged cars. Sirens even went off on us to indicate they'd we'd illegally crossed the bridge. How embarrasing. Throwing the sleeping bag over myself, I tried to sleep most of the way. Although it was a long trek and it would have been nice to have the extra day, we all had the same anticipation of coming back to Cedeira as all of us had begun to regard the sleepy little town as home. It would be great to see Pablo, and his parents again! We had a few more service stops and eventually we crossed the border back into Spain!

I was snoozing in the back when I sought of had this dream that we came around a corner and there was a huge procession of cars. Waking, I checked the speedo - we were going a little too fast for my liking, but I didn't feel like bitching about it so sat back, looking out the window. Thats when we came around the corner, and Ben had to slam on the breaks as there was a huge line of stationary cars. We came so close to rear ending a car who'd stupidly stopped in front of us when they had plenty of space to keep going and it took some calm, controlled manouvering from Ben to keep us from smashing into this lil silver thing in front of us and keeping us on the road. So that was kinda scary. We were all a bit shaken up and cetrainly woken up by that, but soon the lane we were in continued moving and we managed to bypass the rest of the traffic jam.

Eventually we got back to Cedeira! It was great just driving back into the town. Alex, Lori, Rubz and I got out, while Ben, Lauro and Pablo went back to Ferrol to deliver the car. So we did some grocery shopping, went up to the hut to see the doggies and made some salad baguettes. Was pretty good to eat decent food again!! That night The crew went drinking out at some pubs, but I was buggered and feeling a bit out of it (haven't had any iron pills in months!) so stayed back at the house. Alex wasn't in the mood either so we just hung out that night while the others went out. It was nice to have a comfy double bed to myself after being cramped up on the backseat of the beast for 3 nights!!

lauro says:
the car was fucking scary - thats fucking guy didnt even had a signal that hes gonna slow down! i mean it still wouldnt be our fault if we smashed!
Posted on: Aug 02, 2008
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photo by: lovely_lori88