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Sunday. Last day, more or less. Was supposed to go to some waterfalls with La'au and his girlfriend and pick up Andi's boyfriend Marc who had flown in from Australia. La'au described this sacred waterfall place in the mountains where the old kings and queens used to sit. Thrones carved out of rock on the highest tier of a waterfall where they would use the freshest waterfall-water to wash themselves while the lower classes would bathe below them. I was so excited!! We would have to build a fire to keep the mosquitos away and bring lots of bug repellent for the short hike into the mountain.

Weather got really bad though - mountain tops were completely hidden that morning. A short drive revealed little to no visibility, and La'au txted saying the mountain was too dangerous right now but that they were going to another beach! Another beach?! Lord I love Hawaii, but didn't want to do another beach.
Opted for sleeping in since yesterday was fairly exhausting being knocked around by the surf. Lay on hammock, and just before dusk decided to take the convertible to Waikiki for dinner. It really sucks not having GPS!! But eventually you get the hang of the 3 freeways - H1 east<->west across the south of the island, H3 running up and down from the middle south to the northeast. And I don't even know where the heck H2 goes. Next time - GPS or bust!

Waikiki was really crowded and touristy compared to all the things experienced in the last few days. People sitting on every inch of sand, bums falling asleep on the street, and roving tourists wearing funny outfits. The worst part is all the souvenirs made in China emblazoned with Hawaii-esque designs and lettering.
Night View of Waikiki
Ah well.

Marc txted. He had pinkeye! Didn't want to go out and see anyone. But he was also leaving tomorrow, which was when I was leaving! What to do?! Looked around desperately for a restaurant I remember going to with Joyce nearly 4 years ago where your table was inches away from the sand. Didn't find it, and so went to Tiki's, which was fine. Our waitress was obviously one of those surfer girls by day, but had this high pitched whiny voice that reverberated in your head. Holy cow, that was painful!

After dinner in Waikiki, drove back and puttered around Lanikai again, and hung out on the darkened beach watching the locals blast their car radios, drink and smoke up. And wondered if I could remember a time in my life that was so peaceful, simple and happy. I don't think I can..
danny291 says:
Jenn you are adorable! i hope you didnt sunbathe i remember reading on your profile that youd have to be paid to sunbathe on Waikiki beaches!
Posted on: Jul 24, 2008
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Night View of Waikiki
Night View of Waikiki
photo by: mrgishi