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I get up at six o'clock in the morning. First I answered all the birthday-sms I received during the last night (Canada has a eight hours time-shift to Switzerland).

In the meantime my friend get up too and we had a little breakfast before we took the car and drove up to lake moraine where we parked the car and started our today's hiking trip up to mount sentinel. After only a few hundert meters walking we reached the point, where you have to be at least a group of 4 if you like to go further, because of the bears. I didn't knew that, but it seems that a bear fears groups of humans... So we waited a few minutes to join any group which passes by, but nobody came and so we decided to go in a group of two. But careful, big brother is watching you, even out in the wilderness. We found only a few meters behind the warning sign a camera, attached to a tree.


But we had really luck, exactly in that moment a group with about ten members walked by and we joint them to walk up the mountain.

It was pretty cool and I made some hot nature picture. In total we made a 5 hour trip this day and we climbed up to about 3200 meters over sea level. We met different interesting guys, a group of elderly people from Vancouver, which gave us many ideas what to visit in their area, two Bayerns (Germany) and also a mixed couple (he was from UK, she was a local).

Hope you have time to have a look on the pictures, so you are able to see where we have been.

After our return to the camping and showering, I tried to get an WIFI access somewhere around here. There is just one available, it's the one of the post office. It costs you 5 CAD and it has the speed of a 2400 dial-up connection. Horrible, this is what we had 10 Years ago. I really hope this will be much better in the Vancouver/Vancouver Island area and specially in the US, otherwise it's impossible to write a blog and to upload all the pictures.

Now we are both pretty tired and I'm shure we will sleep very well this night. Tomorrow, it's planned to move the camping and to do an other hiking... more tomorrow.

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photo by: Vikram