"I can tell you where you got your shoes. On your feet."

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On a sidenote, I have to say that San Francisco's homeless population is pretty innovative.  Half the time, we wanted to give them money for their clever signs or their little jokes.  As in the above situation, a homeless guy approached my brother (my brother was really popular with them for some reason) and said, "I bet I can guess where you got your shoes.  But you hafta promise you won't laugh."  To which my brother, thinking there's no possible way he could ever guess where the shoes came from responded with, "OK."  "Promise? Promise you won't laugh.  Ok, I'll tell ya......on your feet."  To which, of course, we laughed.  It was funny.

But I digress.  The final day of our little get-away arrived, and we really didn't want to stress ourselves out trying to get to all the other important places in San Francisco.  At this risk of not visitng the "must-sees," we decided instead to hop on a bus and go see the Pacific Ocean, realizing that we'd only really seen the bay.  Having gotten a late start, we weren't sure if we should just eat breakfast and skip lunch or wait a bit and eat lunch at a more reasonable time.  Our stomachs won the argument.  We decided to see what there would be to eat at the end of the bus ride, since we'd gotten a pretty good survey of the restaurants near our hotel.  Alas, at the end of the bus ride was only one, lonely restaurant.  It was quite strange actually.
  It was almost literally the only restaurant surrounded by a neighborhood of houses.  We went there expecting the food to be less than par and kind of upset that we probably wouldn't be eating well.  Luckily, we were wrong and it turned out to be delicious!  My mom got corned beef hash, my brother a ham and cheese and mushroom omelette, and I a Greek omelette.  I really loved mine- spinach and feta cheese- and the English muffin that came with it seemed to be the best I'd ever had. 

With our stomachs now satisfied we walked along towards the coast.  Again, it was misty and foggy.  As we were walking we could see the outline of a very strange sight.  I still don't know what it is we came across but it looked like ancient ruins (although I'm pretty sure they weren't ancient).
  There were people walking up and down and around but it didn't seem like anyone else was any more clued-in into what this was.  My brother, ever the adventurer, decided that regardless of what it was, it was worth exploring.  So, with my horribly improprer attire, I was dragged along.  We walked down to the cave to discover the fearsome end of jagged rocks, then thinking we would find a better route back, walked along the ruin walls.  I was having fun but was pretty miserable, as I was wearing a dress with flats that had no traction whasoever.  The trail on the way back was steep so I had to send my brother ahead to make sure I could walk up it without falling to my death.  The risk just made it all that much more interesting. =)

We eventually made it to the top, unharmed of course, but we never figured out what it was.
  After looking at the coast, we headed back to Union Square.  We walked up and down Market Street for a while then decided it was time for dinner.  We'd heard of this restaurant called B44 that was a favorite of the locals for Catalonian food.  The restaurant was in an alleyway with a bunch of other little similarly European restaurants- French, Italian, etc.  It was really cute and made me feel like I was in another country.  We ended up ordering 2 paellas, and while they were really tasty, they were quite expensive.  It was a good experience overall, but having seen the Greek restaurant close by, decided Baklava would make a good dessert.  =)

With an early flight the next morning, we decided to call it a night after that.  All in all, a trip well taken. =)
mr_shanet says:
lol = shoes :) both the homeless guys joke and your lack of proper hiking ones.... crazy brother ;)
maybe next time take a pic of the restaurant name(for memory) so we can know where the great english muffin was devoured :) just a thought ...
glad u had fun...
Posted on: Jul 23, 2008
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