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1. Japanese people are super, super stylish. I think the women look and dress BETTER as they get older. And the guys all look like they just stepped out of a GQ magazine. Our office was in Shibuya, and every guy who went to work in that area wore a suit that looked like it was painted on them. I mean, pretty girls are everywhere in every country...but I think in Japan, the guys know style better than the girls. Makes me never want to come to Japan anymore since I don't stand a chance!

2. The food is bland. Everything tasted bland, light, and the same. It was hot over the weekend when I was walking around taking pictures...and I must have had 10 or 15 bottles of ice tea, juice, etc. They all tasted the same. Other nice places we went to eat (that was "japanese cuisine) all had very light soups, vegetables, light broths. This is probably why everyone is very skinny in Japan.

3. The Japanese are very proudful. No one spoke English. It's like being in USA. Come to our country, respect our customs, speak our language! We stayed at the Westin in Ebisu, and the floor manager in the resturant spoke little English. I also stayed at the Sheraton, and the front desk clerk had trouble with "where's the fish market?"! And Hostesses in nice resturants around Ebisu could not understand "How long is the wait?".

I actually really liked this. I mean, everything is so stylish and clean and well was like they were the "Cool Club" and I didn't have a membership. The onus is on me to learn Japanese and get into their club. I will learn some Japanese for next time. * Oh, and I wasn't let into a "Japanese Only" Club...because I could only speak Chinese. That was pretty cool.

4. Japanese people really live their lives to the fullest extent. At nights, really nice resturants are populated by Japanese people. The tourist places I went to were populated by JAPANESE people. Even the hotels usually were full of JAPANESE people. It was like Japanese people really enjoyed their lifestyle. That was pretty cool.

5. When you're hungry, follow the well dressed Japanese female: I was told time and time again that to find good food, just look for well dressed Japanese women. They always know where to eat, and where the best food was. One night, my colleague and I went into a Thai/Japanese fusion place because we saw some pretty girls sitting in the outside tables. After we sat down, I looked around and whispered over with shock and amazement..."this place has 23 well dressed women sitting at various tables and just one guy who looks like he was forced to come"...not even kidding. 23 women eating together and 1 guy. Scoreboard!

And I also think that the 23 women were all taken. Just that their bfs or husbands were still at the office paying for their Thai/Japanese fushion meal.

6. I still think Taipei has the best nightlife in Asia...maybe it's because I know it better. But, definitely one thing is for certain. Taipei nightlife centers around women under 30, while Japanese nightlife centers around women over 30. If you walk around the 101 district in Taipei on Friday/Saturdy nights, you'll see mostly 20ish to 30ish girls in pretty skimpy clothing. If you walk around Roppongi Hills on Friday/Saturday night, you'll see a lot of well dressed older women in gowns, kimonos, dresses alongside super sharp looking men. There are still the younger crowds, but there are definitely more older, sophisticated men/women as well.

7. And there are no trash cans in Japan. Nowhere. Not even in the public restrooms. I think people just internally combust their trash.
mrvis says:
Japan sounds like an excellent place for backpacking:D
Posted on: Jul 24, 2008
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