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Mark, well Kerry in truth, had researched the area to find some things to fill our day before our arrival, and so we were all up reasonably early to do the short coastal walk to the next village along, Morston.  This was so we could catch a boat tour to see the denizens the area is locally famed for.  There are lots of sea lion colonies which inhabit the surrounding islands, and it’s kind of the done thing to do in the area.  Slightly hung-over from mixing drinks, and extremely cold in the morning sea breeze, with inappropriate clothing, we set off to the boat.  The walk was about thirty minutes, and though scenic, not entirely enjoyable.  Dora and I were mainly huddled to avoid the wind, but we knew we had chosen our clothing badly.


We had to wait about thirty more minutes until the boat was ready for us.  It was turning out to be a lovely day, though still cold in the sea breeze.  Paul and Mark were laughing at us, as the boat left the dock, and as the spray intensified the temperature we were already experiencing, however it wasn’t long before the boat was slowing as we were in line of sight of the most elegant creature in the water, yet the most clumsy on land.  The sea lions were huge, and dominated the shore line.  I particularly enjoyed watching them swim, and poke their heads up out of the water, and scurry across the soaked sands on the shoreline.  They just seemed to be living the dream soaking up the sun, and taking the occasional dip to grab a bit of food.


The return journey wasn’t so bad, and I was delighted to be back on the mainland.  I had really enjoyed the commentary, and learning about the area, and the animals.  I would have never guessed that seventy per-cent of them are female, as the males have a much shorter life-expectancy of mid-twenties, compared to mid-thirties for the female. 

We took a short stroll into Morston itself to get some lunch.  There was a little farmyard along the way, with incredibly tame animals that just loved a fuss, and they gratefully received attention from us.  We then found a local pub with lovely beers, and a nice beer garden.  I couldn’t resist but to order the burger, which turned out to be a towering mass of meat, whilst everyone else sensibly chose a sandwich in anticipation of the large dinner we had booked for the evening back at the hotel.

  The stroll back along the same path was slow, and seemed to take an age.  It was far more enjoyable now the sun had come up, and cleared the clouds though, and with everyone laughing and joking, it was a far more pleasurable experience this time. 

Once back in the village, Dora and I tried the other village pub for a drink, whilst everyone else tried out the crabbing.  With it now being low-tide, it wasn’t the most successful of venture for them, and not something that interested me in particular.  After taking a few photos of the cuteness of the village, we returned to the cottage for a little rest, and to catch the football results.  Dora soon fell asleep, which left me alone to raid the fridge for drinks, and to catch up with the sports uninterrupted.

  It didn’t take too long for Bondy to join me, whilst Kerry also took a rest.

By early evening, we were all getting showers and dressed for dinner.  We all met in the lounge area of the hotel, which had a roaring fire, and everything perfectly laid out for the leisurely experience.  Paul’s parents had also joined the group, and so had another couple.  After a round of introductions, it was onto the customary drinks, and later into the dining room.  We seemed to be absolutely spoilt for choice with a generous menu, and wine list.  The food was just fantastic, and with a really good wine continuously arriving, this wasn’t going to be too easy on the liver.  We ate heartily, and drank to the same measure.

  After paying the rather expensive bill, it was back into the lounge for our final few drinks.  It did end up with just the gents as last men standing, and cracking jokes to help the beers go down was a perfect end to our time together.  Everyone was planning on visiting Sandringham the following day, and staying in Kings Lynn, however, for Dora and I, we were going to visit Wells-Next-The-Sea for the day.  We said our goodbyes, and made our way back to the cottage for the final drink of the long day.

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photo by: eastendsteve