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Leicester is a neighbouring county for me being a Notts lad, but to honest I hardly ever go.  More people from Leicester flock over to Nottingham for a night out than the other way around.  I know the city reasonably well, but I only ever really go for the rugby and that is seldom; I am football man, so me and the 'ruggers' do not mix too well!  It's not like I've got anything against the game, on the contrary, I quite like it, it's just they all seem to despise football.  Well, if I couldn't use my feet, I guess I'd have to use my hands to participate in sport (this isn't gonig to win too many friends from the rugby world is it?!).

Ok, back to the visit.  This particular time I went to Welford Road, with work, to watch the Tigers versus Sale Sharks.  I was lucky enough to be given some corporate hospitality tickets, so I was nicely wined and dined pre-match.  I also got to meet a few of the players for a quick fire Q+A session before the game including, the dropped from England, Martin Corey. 

Come kick off time, I was sat in the stands drinking a bottle of wine, out of pint glasses, cheering on the Tigers.  Fortunately my bosses were just as bad/good, so misbehaviour really didn't matter.  As it turned out, the Tigers weren't at their best and it was a bit of a slow start.  I got to see the Beast that is Sebastian Chabal in action!  Anyone French may correct me on that spelling, but the facts remain undeniable, he's freakin' ma-hu-ssive!!!  At this time, the Six Nations was taking place, so the Tigers were without a few key players, but the thankfully for Englands sake, Chabal had been dropped by France; the Tigers had to suffer his wrath instead. 

It was a pretty boring first half without much action; the Sharks had dropped one extra goal and led 9 - 6 at the interval.  Another round of wine to ease my eyes, and sleepily I went back out to witness the second half.  To be absolutely fair, the second half was equally as bad.  There was a couple of scums and a few mis-kicks but then, what's that?  A try for the Tigers!  Ok, I was a little more awake thanks to that 17,000 deafening roar!  The score was 11 - 9, but that was pretty short lived as the Beast gathered that irregular shaped thing that these guys falsely call a ball, and casually walked through, like a man swatting flies out his way, to the line and put the "ball" down to score a try for the Sharks.  This took the score to 11 - 14 and that's how it stayed for the rest of a boring game; I have seen a lot better in the past.

In all fairness, although I've hammered rugby a little bit (jokingly) here, I have warmed a lot to this sport.  I did play a little bit at University, and I did like it.  I find it a very respectful game in stark contrast to football.  For example, when a kick is about to be taken, the crowd all go silent; that includes the opposing crowd!  Now come on!  How times in football do the opposing fans try and put off the kicker?  All the time, that's how much!  Another place where football can learn a lot from rugby is with the respect for the referee.  Team captains deal with the ref in the main, and both sides respect the authority.  It really is very commendable.  However, rugby can learn a little bit from football as well.  I find football fans a lot more competitive.  In rugby the home and away fans will applaud when a team scores.  What?!  If some team scores against Everton I'm never going to sit back and say good goal, well played, and applaud the effort!  Instead, I'm holding back the tears and screaming for a prompt improvement!  I'm not a hooligan or anything over-exaggerated like that, but it does affect me if I see my team lose, though I should be getting used to it by now...

If you ever get a chance to watch rugby, this is a very English sport (well British I suppose as all the home nations are pretty useful at it) and I hope you'll enjoy the experience.  Seriously now, I usually have a good time watching rugby.
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