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Ok, so the day started with a lie in before having to catch a bus from Manchester to Glasgow and then onto Edinburgh.  My bus was at 12:40pm so I made my way to the station and saw it was on time.  The National Express to Inverness via Glasgow is at exactly the same time as the Mega bus to Glasgow, so after being redirected and an extremely quick sprint, I broke sweat and was the last passenger to board the bus - phew.  That's not a good start, but I made it so fair enough, forget about that for now and just sit there and feel a bit sweaty, smelly and horrible for the 5 hour journey.

A quick hop onto another bus and I was on my way to Edinburgh.

I arrived and jumped into a cab to the hostel and met up with Bondy, Hannah, Anna, Lori, Jenn, Ashley and Mark and headed out for the first beers and a much needed Pizza Express.  The ghost walk was due to start at 9pm so we had a bit of time to get (a much needed) shower and a (much, much more needed) few beers.  We met up with the rest of the group which included John, Brett and Mike.  Our guide was a chap called Alex who told the tales pretty well with his witty mannerisms, but I was soon to start disliking that chap!  He took us on a two part tour of the ghost walk.  The first part was outdoors and we were taken to parts of the city and told stories about witch burnings (Lori) and about past kings and battles.  Lori was getting picked on a bit as the guinea pig, but took it all in good stride, apart from the very lame scream.  She had to be helped by some random dude in the crowd in the end.

The second part of the tour took us into the cellars of the old buildings.  I was doing alright by this stage, but started to feel a bit more nervy now we were indoors and allegedly haunted places.  Inside we were showed and had the uses of medieval weapons and torture techniques explained to us.  Those guys were pretty darn inventive let me tell you.  I'm glad civilisation and the 21st century mean I'll never have to go through any of that!  After that, it was downstairs to the cellar... *pauses and considers not writing anymore*

*ah, sod it*

It had a disturbingly cold and wet ambience in the cellar, and we were being told stories about how the homeless crammed in there to avoid execution.  The life expectancy was extremely low and so the place has got several tales of death and consquential poltergeist activity.  Probably a load of bs, but at this point I'm going to have to state that I'm only scared of a couple of things: the supernatural scares the beejeebers out of me!  I'm a scientist, so anything I don't understand or cannot explain worries the hell out of me; my other fear is male pattern baldness.  Anyway back to the tour.  We went into the penultimate room all feeling ok.  No particular worries so far, but this was the turning point.  There was a stone circle in the middle of the floor and the rumour has it it holds a poltergeist.  The stories were along the lines of, those who have entered the circle have had huge problems almost instantly after e.g. car crashes, unexplained accidents etc.  I was amongst the last to leave and some idiots were dangling their feet into the ring?!  What the?  Did you not just hear what the man said?  Unexplained accidents people!!!  I'm outta here!  The final room was the one that really got me though.  I tried to use logic and be amongst the first in so I could get a 'safe' spot near the door.  No, this was not to be the case.  "Men to the left, women to the right.  Shuffle round so we can everybody in please".  Alex you b*****d, now I'm the furthest in!  Anyway, we were told the story about the poltergeist in this room and how all electrical equipment seems to break.  We'd all switched phones and cameras etc off by this point, all except one prat that is.  This dick was taking photos!  Don't upset the poltergeist knob head!  I was hating this, but it got worse.  Alex started to flash his torch on and off and then switched it off completely as part of the story.  That did it for me and when one of the employees darted into the door from no-where to yell and make everyone jump, I was finished.  That was more than enough for me.  The tour finished and despite being the furthest from the door, I was still able to be the first out.  Good use of reach abled me to push men and women out of my path and to the safety of lit, non-haunted rooms.  I even pushed past Alex which got the response "Erm, don't you think I'd better go first?". 

Outside and straight to the bar!  I needed beer, plenty of it and as fast as possible.  Again the ability to have a good reach and a willingness to push and shove and I was at hte bar.  After a quick couple of drinks we decided it was quite late to be starting a pub crawl (it was almost 12).  Instead we chose to make use of the hostel bar being open until 5am!  We got back and set up a killer pool competition.  It was good harmless bit of fun to put a nice end on the night on a disturbing night.  Brett sneaked the victory in that one, but that was only his first victory.  The following night would see a new challenge for him.

nallera says:
Hi there,

I think you might like my Scottish photo competition.

Posted on: Jul 09, 2009
lovely_lori88 says:
HAHA Matt good entry!!! Don't worry about it...I'm a wuss too! And I also fear male pattern baldness!! :P
Posted on: Nov 06, 2008
Lilliana77 says:
I just can't stop laughing!!! Ohh Men!!! haahahaha
Matty! I really think these tours are for you guys to buy MORE beer at the end!!!....
Posted on: Oct 28, 2008
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