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We’d booked a little cottage in the small, picturesque village of Blakeney, in North Norfolk, just on the coast of the North Sea.  I had to work the Friday of the long Easter weekend, whilst with it being a bank holiday, Bondy had the day off, and had arrived the evening before with his wife Kerry.  Bondy and I have been friends for a long time now and we had been planning places to see for a while, and eventually with it being Easter weekend, and everyone being free, we’d finally got some organisation and had a weekend pencilled into the diary. 

I had swapped my shift to the earlier finish (there are some perks to management after all), and so I raced home just after 4pm and picked up Dora for the drive East from Nottingham.  Once the digits were put into the navigation, I was slightly disappointed with the duration of the drive.  We had a table booked for 8:30pm in the local restaurant, and we would be cutting it fine, for what I thought would be a relatively easy journey time.  With a new car to play with we set off and were soon on the relatively direct road of the A52. 

Driving along was quite a pleasurable experience in the new car, and I really enjoyed giving it a proper run out instead of the short hops to and from work.  The roads we a mixture of fast straights, and later bending country roads, and the car handled itself extremely well.  We arrived fifteen minutes ahead of the predicted time and I hadn’t particularly broken speed limits to do it.  We now had a problem though.  Once in Blakeney, reception was pretty much non-existent.  It was a tiny village though, so how hard could it be?  We parked the car, and decided the best course of action is to try our luck, and go into one of the local pubs and see if we could spot the Bonds.  With no joy, we poked our heads into the restaurant across the road, but still without sighting.  I thought the best thing to do would be to go back to the pub, enjoy a first drink of the weekend, and try and access some WiFi.  Fortunately this plan worked.  We got WiFi relatively easily, however, the doubt was whether Mark would receive the message or not.  It did prove a good decision, and Mark was soon in the pub with us, and informing us that they had the table at the restaurant which we did pop into previously!  Sadly sat with backs to the door, I had failed to spot Mark at the first instance, but now we were all together, and catching up.  It turned out we had a lot to catch up with.  Kerry wasn’t drinking alcohol at all, which was a tell-tale sign of some excellent news.  I immediately ordered a bottle of champagne, and some sparkling water, and we toasted the news.

Mark is also a fair bit partial to a drink, and so one bottle of champs lead to another, and we were soon into the swing of things.  The restaurant was absolutely first rate, and I enjoyed a seafood risto starter, followed by a salmon main, and Dora had chosen exactly the same from the Michelin rated menu. 

Following the food, Kerry was feeling quite tired, so returned to the cottage, whilst the rest of us made our way to the nearby hotel for a few drinks at the bar.  Bondy’s boss, Paul, and his family had booked in there, and Paul wanted to meet us for a night cap.  We had a couple more quick fire drinks, and then it was time to retire.  The three of us walked the streets back to the cottage, and Dora and I were in admiration of the cuteness of the place.  It had so much attention to detail, and was the perfect weekend retreat.  Both Mark and I had had the same thinking, and stocked the place well with alcohol, so we did enjoy a few more before it was time for lights out.

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photo by: eastendsteve